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Can I use the PowerPlug to charge my device X or Y?
Yea, you can. All manufacturers now support the same USB specification. Nevertheless, should your device not charge with the PowerPlug, we are happy to give you your money back or replace the charger.

last update 09.12.2014
Where can I download the compatibility list for the PowerPlug?
This is no longer necessary. Almost all manufacturers now conform to the USB standard that is also supported by the PowerPlug.

last update 09.12.2014
Why do the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus screen protectors not cover the entire display?
Unfortunately, due to the iPhone 6\'s curved display, it\'s not possible to create a screen protector that overs the display entirely. The problems is that foil peels away from the rounded frame, allowing dust and dirt to collect. For detailed information, please consult at any time.

last update 19.01.2015
Can your screen protectors be removed without leaving behind any residue? | How do I remove the foil?
Yes, just pull it off or first lift up using a piece of sellotape. If this doesn\\\\\\\'t work, please write to us at With our many years of experience, we are sure it can be done.

last update 09.12.2014
Can I remove the 2nd Display and then re-attach it? How?
Removal for re-positioning yes, but later re-attachment is difficult. If you would like to try, please wash the 2nd Display first with distilled water.

last update 09.12.2014
I am looking for a foil | protective case for X or Y. Do you offer this?
The mobile market is so large. There are always new products to discover. Sometimes a product may go unnoticed by us. Thank you very much for drawing our attention to product X or Y. Please contact us at We welcome any suggestions, tips or new ideas.

last update 09.12.2014
Is product X or Y available in any other colors?
The available colors are shown on each product page. Should your desired color not be available, kindly get in touch at

last update 09.12.2014
Is the magnetic clasp hazardous to Eurocheque or similar cards?
No, the magnets do not normally impair the magnetic stripes of your cards.

last update 09.12.2014
Where can I order spare batteries for my Induction Charger?
The induction charger requires battery packs which unfortunately are no longer manufactured. The Induction Charger Pro can be powered by standard AAA batteries. To replace, just undo the two screws.

last update 09.12.2014
Do the Artwizz iPad covers have the smart cover Sleep-Wake function?
Yes, this function is fully supported!

last update 09.12.2014
Does Artwizz offer a manufacturer\\\'s warranty on its products?
Of course, the statutory warranty applies. We look into each issue on a case by case basis. Have an issue? Simply get in touch at We\\\\\\\'re happy to find a solution that works for you.

last update 09.12.2014

Online Shop
I have a problem with my order. Who can I turn to for help?
We\\\'re happy to help! Just get in touch with our support team. They can be reached at

last update 09.12.2014
Are there a returns slip? | Will Artwizz bear the costs of returns?
No. Unfortunately we are unable to bear the cost of returning goods. However, if you are not pleased with something, we are always glad to receive suggestions and tips for improvement.

last update 09.12.2014
How and when will I be reimbursed if I return something?
All items returned are processed within 48 hours of their arrival. Reimbursement is processed by the same financial method as the payment that was received. (bank payment = reimbursement to back account)

last update 09.12.2014
Can I get a gift receipt with my order?
Unfortunately, we can\\\\\\\'t process gift receipts. We enclose the invoice and use it as a packing slip. For any special wishes and queries, kindly get in touch at

last update 09.12.2014
We wish to order a large quantity. Is a discount possible?
This varies from case to case. We wish to respond individually to each enquiry rather than offer standard solutions. We would be happy to help. Just send us an email at

last update 09.12.2014
The cost of shipping abroad is too expensive. Are you able to ship any cheaper?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We only ship with DHL assured packages with tracking information to guarantee you greater security of delivery!

last update 09.12.2014
What are the shipping costs?
You will find all the details about shipping methods and costs under the Shipping section of our website.

last update 19.03.2015
Do you deliver to country X or Y?
You will find a list of the countries we ship to under Shipping section of our web site. In the near future, we hope to delivery globally.

last update 09.12.2014
I have a faulty product. Who can I turn to for help?
Simply contact the specialist retailer from whom you bought the product. Should this retailer not be nearby, please feel free to contact us any any time. Simply return the faulty product along with proof of purchase to us.

last update 19.03.2015
How long is the delivery time to X or Y?
The delivery times can be found in the Shipping costs overview on our web site.

last update 09.12.2014
Can I return an article if I don\\\'t like it?
Not a problem! Simply return the product within 30 days of receiving it and we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re happy to give you a return.

last update 09.12.2014

Other Requests
We are retailers and wish to sell articles made by Artwizz. Where can we procure the goods?
It would be our pleasure to arrange a private meeting with one of our distributors. For all other queries and detailed information, please consult

last update 09.12.2014
We are an authority | association | university. Can we order on invoice?
Yes, that is possible! We are glad when authorities | associations | universities are interested in our products. Please contact us via email though at for more information.

last update 09.12.2014
Is it also possible for me to purchase or collect products directly from your offices?
Unfortunately, that\'s not possible. But you will find our products throughout Germany and abroad. The largest specialist retailers can be found on our web site.

last update 09.12.2014
We are a company and wish to order several bags with a LOGO.
We are always open to new ideas and exciting challenges. Please just get in touch at

last update 09.12.2014
We are retailers. Would you consider listing us on
Please just get in touch with us at We will gladly deal with your query promptly.

last update 09.12.2014