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_ Made for your smartphone

Artwizz is a leading brand for high-quality accessories! We offer your mobile device great accessories. We develop products that meet your everyday needs through great protection, beautiful designs and intuitive functionality. We have something for every occasion, every taste and every device – whether Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, Nokia or Motorola. We’re “Made for your smartphone.” 

_ How it all began…

Dr. Ing. Nelu Eden started Artwizz GmbH over 10 years ago in the heart of Berlin. At the beginning of the 80’s, Dr. Ing. Eden was one of the first Apple resellers in Germany. Together with his son, Michael Eden, he developed the idea for Artwizz. Our international team that has evolved into a leading accessories brand started with just a logo and a name. 

_ An idea becomes reality

The fascination with and love for accessories started with the iPod. As the best-selling portable music player in history, the iPod not only changed the world, it also inspired Artwizz. Its beautiful design, elegant usability and unique approach to technology inspired the young Michael Eden so much, that he wanted more from an accessory than just protection. It needed to be something that wasn’t going to change the look or usability of the iPod, and it needed to be affordable. 
These desires soon became a reality: the transparent Artwizz screen protectors landed shortly there after on many a mobile display. And that was just the beginning. What followed were the SeeJacket Silicone, the SeeJacket Leather and many more products that are still part of our assortment today. Over the past 10 years we have optimized and perfected these designs in order to improve your mobile experience. 
Our goal is to combine the best possible protection and functionality in all our products. We deliver long-lasting, modern accessories that perfectly compliment the shape, color and size of your mobile device without distracting from its functionality.  

_ We make your life easier

We strive to improve your experience with mobile technology – whether at work, in your free time or at the gym. We always aim for perfection and to be ahead of the curve. Even now as one of the leading mobile accessories brands, we are still a family run company. We pride ourselves on being personable and authentic and are proud to be known for our exceptional customer service. We are always there for you – whether you have a question, a new idea or an issue. We don’t develop our products behind a desk, but as a team – and with you. We believe in what we do and never stop pushing to be better.

_ Made for you

We want to make your life with your smartphone, iPad and Mac safer, more comfortable and better looking. We understand how demanding the mobile world can be. Your smartphone needs secure protection for every situation that does not only look good, but that also lasts – and all that at the right price. That is our goal. We carefully select materials and each component of our products and oversee every stage of product development from design conception to the last finishing touches. We don’t want to just offer your device reliable protection. The design must be exquisite. Whether sleek, elegant or fashionable. Individualize your look with us; we have something for everyone. 

_ Designed in Berlin

Berlin is much more than Germany’s capital. It’s an international metropolis. It’s where traditional German values like reliability and punctuality meet exciting innovation and global ideas. This incredible diversity informs the city’s modern, urban lifestyle from which we pull our creative energy and new ideas. You can feel this in our products. They are fusion of honored traditions like quality and loyalty and new impulses from our international Artwizz-Team. 

_ Design meets functionality

Design is very important to us! We want to develop accessories that do not distract from the look and feel of your smartphone, but rather the material, design and size of which discreetly compliment your device. “Designed by Artwizz” always means the perfect symbiosis of elegant design, functionality and quality. We ask ourselves with every new product:  How can we offer your device great protection without impacting its design or usability, but rather improving on it? Our products are the result of this thought. They compliment the functionality and design of your device – from fashionable and modern to classic and elegant. 

_ Good isn’t good enough for us!

We don’t stop until everything is right. “Good, very good – could be better – PERFECT!” This is more than just our motto.  It’s the philosophy that applies to every aspect of our business. When picking materials or colors, creating designs or refining products, it’s not enough for us if something just looks or feels good.  Every detail is carefully inspected – whether it’s a product, a piece of copy, an image or a detail on our packaging. Every product is subjected to several stages of quality control – before it reaches our Berlin headquarters. We are convinced that things can be done better and are always striving to improve: perfection is our goal. 

_ Flexibility

The world is fast-paced and constantly changing – especially in the mobile market. Our diverse innovative team reacts quickly to new developments. We offer high-quality Artwizz accessories at the release of top devices. We don’t avoid change. We love it! We are constantly evolving and do not believe in standing still. We can only accomplish this because of our creative, international, flexible team, who apply innovative ideas and strong skills to the job. 

_ We're focused

Never flighty and loyal to you and to ourselves for more than 10 years.  We have grown in this time and have consistently worked on and improved our products. One thing has never changed: the spirit and company philosophy of Artwizz. We are a family run business that’s dedicated to long-lasting quality and customer service. We are down to earth and personal and some of us still wear t-shirts. We are dynamic, full of ideas and take our work seriously. Our team combines its knowledge to quickly react to your questions and develop accessories that best match the functionality and design of your smartphone, iPad or Mac.  

Jobs at Artwizz

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(ab 01.12.2014 | Berlin)

Thank you for your interest in Artwizz. We unfortunately do not have any current openings in our team. Make sure to check again soon!