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SecondDisplay Universal

100% glass screen protection for Nokia Nokia 5.1 (2018)

  • reliable protection against scratches as well as signs of wear and tear
  • original operating feeling thanks to hardened glass
  • simple to apply thanks to static adhesion
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SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:

The SecondDisplay Universal is our specially developed glass protection collection. The collection features our SecondDisplay models which, thanks to their universal design, are perfect for a wide range of smartphone models. These glass screen protectors have the same properties as our classic SecondDisplay and offer your favorite device the same strong protection. Simply select your smartphone model and you will receive the optimum glass protection.

As universal as necessary, as individual as possible

We’ve named the different versions of our SecondDisplay Universal after colors. Each “color” is compatible with a number of different devices. The cut-outs in each model are designed to be universal, allowing them to harmonize with the front design of different smartphone models. We’ve left space for the camera, speakers and LEDs on the front of each compatible device. This means that you’ll continue to enjoy your smartphone’s unrestricted functionality at all times with our glass screen protection.

As universal as necessary, as individual as possibleAs universal as necessary, as individual as possible#1As universal as necessary, as individual as possible#2As universal as necessary, as individual as possible#3As universal as necessary, as individual as possible#4As universal as necessary, as individual as possible#5

Proven quality

Because it’s made of real glass, our SecondDisplay Universal does not compromise the haptic and optical properties of your mobile device's display. The SecondDisplay Universal not only preserves the original, smooth touch functionality, but also your screen’s crystal-clear display. Our glass protectors feel just like your original display, so you’ll notice no difference when you use your smartphone. And, thanks to a special silicone layer on the underside, it’s incredibly easy to apply the SecondDisplay Universal. Once you’ve correctly aligned the glass screen protector, gentle pressure from a single fingertip is enough to make sure it adheres statically to your smartphone. This guarantees not only a firm hold, but also enables the glass screen protector to be removed without annoying residues if required.

SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:

Our SecondDisplay achieved the "best scores for scratch resistance and very high scores for optical quality" in connect's Testlab. The glass was subjected to "74,000 strokes over a period of 20 hours." This demonstrates that in everyday use our safety glass will show no signs of fatigue. Overall, there is "hardly any potential for improvement in the SecondDisplay's workmanship and handling." The Android Magazine also praised the high fitting accuracy: "Every protective glass is millimeter fitted to the smartphone."MacLife's editorial team also rated the SecondDisplay with an excellent score of 1.2. "The layers of glass, foil and silicone prevent the display from being damaged even if violently impacted."

Proven protection

With an impressive hardness rating of 9H, our SecondDisplay Universal offers your mobile device the same strong protection already enjoyed by millions of users of our classic SecondDisplay. Our SecondDisplay Universal covers the operable area of your smartphone’s front and reliably protects the most important part of the display from scratches and breakage. In the event of a strong impact, a special anti-splinter coating will ensure that the glass screen protector doesn’t shatter into sharp-edged fragments. And, even if the glass protector cracks, your smartphone’s screen remains completely intact.

As universal as necessary, as individual as possibleAs universal as necessary, as individual as possible#1As universal as necessary, as individual as possible#2

Why Artwizz

Our SecondDisplay Universal is the fruit of our many years of screen protection experience and our extensive expertise in optimizing screen protection products for a wide range of mobile devices. After all, we have already perfected our display protection glass for over 150 models of mobile devices. The SecondDisplay Universal enables us to extend this variety even further, allowing us to offer optimal glass screen protection for almost every smartphone on the market. In terms of protection and ease of use, the SecondDisplay Universal is in no way inferior to our classic SecondDisplay.

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