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          Accessories you will love

          Modern life is mobile. And the same goes for our electronic devices. We can’t imagine life without our smartphones, tablets, notebooks and smartwatches. We need them, and we love them. They are with us around the clock: at home, on the move and at work.

          This is why we have made it our mission to protect the mobile devices we all love so much, and to make them even more functional, easier to use and more beautiful.

          Artwizz designs accessories in Berlin that you will fall in love with.

          A love story

          A love story

          It all started in 2004 with the fascination for the iPod. For us it was love at first sight! It was the modern design, the intuitive operation and shimmering metallic-blue that made the iPod mini so unique and immediately enthralled us.

          We just had to take it with us anywhere we went – to any place, every occasion and at any time of the day. But we had this particular nagging urge to want to offer protection to this valued item. But how? A simple sock really wasn’t enough for us. It should be something that is deserving of the iPod: A high-quality product with a cool look.

          This is how Artwizz was established.

          Since then a lot has happened. Today we don’t only adore the iPod. We love all of them: the mobile devices! But our mission has not changed: We aspire to create accessories that optimally correspond to you, your daily life and your device.

          Designed in Berlin

          Designed in Berlin

          Berlin is much more than a city for us. It is our home. The place for our inspiration. Here different cultures, people and trends come together. Here every district is different. In an international metropolis that pulsates, grows and at the same time gives regard to the environment. A city that constantly offers something new. A place where everybody is mobile and stays on the move and where smart technologies collide with creative inventiveness. In the midst of Berlin’s urban lifestyle. 
Here ideas, every design and each single Artwizz product is created and fully realized that you eventually will hold in your hand.

          Design until perfection

          We are design conscious perfectionists. For us a product is never really completed, but can constantly be improved. It is our desire to strive for perfection and this is reflected in our accessories: It literally merges with your mobile companion, has been designed with great thought as well as care and becomes a stylistically confident accessory in your daily life. Secure, individual and suitable for every moment.

          Design until perfection
          Quality means trust

          Quality means trust

          Only once you trust us and our products are we truly satisfied, because this is our core quality promise! Every product and material we select is carefully tested; from the unique surfaces of our natural leather to our safety glass, complete with anti-splitter layer. We create first-class accessories and set the highest quality standards. These high standards extend beyond our packaging and products to our customer service, which is ready and waiting to provide you with the assistance you need and answer any questions you might have.

          Our products

          Our products

          One of our first products was a display protective foil. In the meantime we now have more than ten years experience with display protection and can guarantee you the highest quality. Today you find next to display protection also an extensive selection of protective cases, bags and technical accessories as well as exclusive products for your mobile companion. This is for mobile devices not only from Apple, but also Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Nokia and many other renowned manufacturers.

          All products

          Artwizz Team


          We from Artwizz are diverse like our chosen beloved home Berlin. Each one of us is unique. Everybody has their own special talents – but together we feel great and are living our dreams, as we love our work! It is full of challenges and exciting projects. It is a family-like atmosphere. Even our office dog Spike feels completely contended. The perfect place for inspirations, new ideas, mobile innovations that will make your daily life that bit easier.


          We are constantly on the move! We love sport and crave to challenge ourselves: with adventurous office challenges or as participants at sports events. We associate sport with team spirit, passion and especially fun. Exactly the attributes we feel in relation to our daily work. It gives us pleasure as we only create and do what we are truly passionate about:

          Accessories you are bound to love!

          Would you also like to become part of our team? Then take a browse through our current job posting by clicking here:

          Job postings

          Would you like to personally meet us and are you looking for some advice?
          Then visit us at the annual Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin - the IFA!
          Every year we take part with our entire team and present you personally with our newest products as well as inform what we have in the pipeline for the future.

          We’ve put together the best moments from IFA 2017 for you in an extra special photo gallery. If you want to see even more, you can also take a virtual tour of the Artwizz booth.

          IFA Impressions

          We will also gladly answer any questions you might have via email. Just send them to or use our contact form.

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