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          Safety glass
          Screen protection

          Our Artwizz safety glass is specially produced in Japan and South Korea, and made to protect modern smartphone displays. Only the stability of 100% glass guarantees protection against display breakage, and with a hardness rating of 9H, our safety glass can certainly withstand a lot. While our SecondDisplay was developed primarily to protect flat screen surfaces, the CurvedDisplay also completely protects the curved edges of modern smartphones. Nevertheless, both versions of our safety glass guarantee that the touchscreen functionality of your mobile companion is not impaired in any way. Our hardened glass is particularly easy to apply, and as we use a glue-free silicone coating, it also leaves no residues on the display after removal.

          Protective foil
          Screen protection

          We have been developing screen protectors for your mobile devices at Artwizz for over 12 years. This wealth of experience allows our ultra-thin films to protect your smartphone or tablet display almost invisibly from scratches and wear. Our ScratchStopper has been developed for straight displays without curves. The Artwizz ScratchStopper Complete, on the other hand, also fits the curved edges of many modern smartphones and protects them completely from the traces of everyday use. All our protective films can be easily applied and removed without residue.

          Screen protection

          The display is not only the most important part for the operation of your mobile device but also the most sensitive. In order to prevent scratches, signs of usage and even display breakage we recommend that you opt for a display protection. Artwizz offers you safety glass and protective foils that are perfectly tailored to your smartphone or Tablet. They are easy to apply and adhere without the use of adhesive products. Display protection from Artwizz gives you a clear view of your display and unrestricted use of your mobile device.