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          Screen Protection
          iPad Pro 9.7"

          Protect the dazzling Retina display of your iPad Pro 9.7’’ with an Artwizz screen protector. You take your iPad with you wherever you go, which means its brilliant display is exposed to a wide range of everyday dangers. Just think how annoyed you would be if you drop it and the screen breaks? Don’t take the risk. And if the worst should happen, our SecondDisplay will protect your iPad Pro 9.7’’ display from breakage. As the name suggests, it covers the screen of your Apple iPad like a second display, without affecting the original functionality and feel of the astonishing Retina display. If you want even thinner protection against scratches and abrasions, you’ll just love our ScratchStopper. Our ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint’s matte foil also prevents annoying fingerprints and strong glare on your iPad Pro 9.7’’.

          iPad Pro 9.7"

          Our super-lightweight SmartJacket® provides all-round protection for your iPad Pro 9.7’’. The front cover, with an elegant brushed metal finish, protects the screen while you are on the go. As soon as you want to use your iPad Pro 9.7’’, simply flip the cover over and its magnetic clasp will hold it in place, or fold it in half to transform it into a stylish stand. The rear clip is covered with our rubberized Soft-Touch coating, which means that your iPad sits comfortably and securely in your hands without slipping. If you want an even more exquisite case, our Leather Pouch is just what you are looking for. Our elegant, high-quality leather cases provide reliable protection for your iPad Pro 9.7’’.

          Charges and Cables
          iPad Pro 9.7"

          When it comes to supplying your high-performance iPad Pro 9.7’’ with enough energy, you’ll find everything you need at Artwizz. Apple has certified our high-quality, original Lightning Cables as “Made for iPad.” You’ll have no problem charging your smartphone and iPad simultaneously from one electrical outlet with our PowerPlug Double, which features two USB-A connections. Thanks to its aluminum body, our Lightning Cable Alu is perfectly coordinated to harmonize with your iPad Pro 9.7’’.