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          Screen Protection
          iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s

          The vibrant display of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s has to withstand a wide range of everyday situations and even potentially dangerous falls. With an Artwizz display protector you can be sure that it comes through unscathed. A single key in the same pocket as your iPhone can easily turn into a threat to the integrity of your display. But not if your iPhone is fitted with one of our ScratchStoppers. The matte protective foil of the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint prevents irritating finger prints and cuts screen reflection on sunny days. If a crystal clear iPhone 6 display is what you are looking for, then our ScratchStopper is just what you need. The ScratchStopper Complete and ScratchStopper Frame provide extra protection for the curved edges of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Our SecondDisplay safety glass will even protect the display of your favorite device from cracks and breakage, without compromising the crystal clarity of the screen. Our PrivacyDisplay not only protects your display against breakage, it also shields the sensitive contents of your screen from prying eyes – when viewed from the side, the contents of the screen are blacked out and unreadable. At the same time, our safety glass doesn’t impair the feel or functionality of your touchscreen, and even the practical 3D Touch feature works in exactly the same way.

          Protective Cases
          iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s

          Complete, all-round protection and a personalized look for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s – no problem at all with our Artwizz protective cases. How about one of our Rubber Clips in a range of trendy colors? Our Camouflage Clip is currently all the rage. All of Artwizz’s protective clips guard your iPhone 6 against scratches and signs of wear and tear. Our transparent NoCase provides almost invisible protection for your iPhone 6s, accentuating the original Apple look, with its characteristic colors. Then there’s our SmartJacket®, which provides all-round protection and is available in a range of fresh and stylish colors. When it comes to leather cases, we use only the highest quality, genuine leather. Depending on the features and characteristics the case should have, we use either calfskin, cowhide or lambskin leather. You and your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s will love the painstaking workmanship and carefully selected materials.

          Chargers and Cables
          iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s

          Our original, Apple-certified Lightning connectors from the MFi range – Made for iPhone/ iPod/ iPad – are the perfect way to round of the look of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Whether Space Gray, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold, we stock color-coordinated cables for every iPhone 6s. Not only are they exceptionally chic, our cables are also robustly constructed for regular and heavy use. Our PowerPlug Double may be slightly less fashionable, but it is highly practical and allows you to charge another USB device at the same time as your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. How about the convenience of our CarPlugs? Designed to charge your device while you are driving, they have even been singled out by the media for both their outstanding construction and precision design.