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          Bags and Cases
          MacBook 12"

          You are infatuated with your MacBook 12’’. Then show just how much you love your MacBook with our accessories. Our hardclips offer all-round protection for your MacBook 12’’, so its glossy case will always look as shiny as it did on the first day. The camouflage clip is available exclusively for the MacBook 12’’, featuring a fashionable camouflage look, and protecting your MacBook against scratches and wear. Our MacBook clips do not add unnecessary weight, ensuring that your MacBook 12’’ will remain as light as ever. Do you love your MacBook as it is, with its gently shimmering Gold, chic Space Gray, exciting Rose Gold or classic Silver? Our transparent Clear Clip provides almost invisible protection for your MacBook 12’’. We designed our Artwizz Leather Skin, handcrafted and Made in Germany, exclusively for your MacBook 12’’. The elegant, natural cowhide leather cover is like a second skin for your MacBook 12’’. As you’re working, you’ll appreciate the luxurious feel of the natural leather, which also protects your MacBook 12’’ against scratches and signs of wear.

          Cables & Adapters
          MacBook 12"

          Our Artwizz cables, chargers & adapters are the perfect accessories for your MacBook 12’’. The new 12’’ version is the first MacBook to feature a USB-C port. This new port lets you charge your MacBook as well as transfer data quickly from one USB-C device to another. Artwizz USB-C cables are of the highest quality, safe and durable. Available in gold, silver, titanium or rose gold, our cables perfectly match your MacBook 12’’. You can charge your MacBook 12’’ with the PowerPlug USB-C 24W, which also features a handy USB-A connection to charge another device, such as your smartphone. The MacBook 12’’ only has a single USB-C connection and reaches its limits quickly in everyday use. You can solve this problem with our USB-C All-In-One Adapter. This turns one USB-C connection into three outputs: USB-C female, HDMI and USB-A. For example, you can operate a monitor via HDMI, connect an external hard drive via USB-A, and simultaneously power your MacBook 12’’ through the USB-C female connector.

          MacBook 12"

          You want even more accessories to fall in love with? The Artwizz Mousepad is the ideal accessory for your MacBook 12’’. In silver, black or gold, it harmonizes perfectly with the colors of your MacBook 12’’. Our Mousepad is sturdy and easy to clean, so you’ll be able to use your mouse comfortably to operate your Apple MacBook for many years to come.