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          Taschen und Cases
          MacBook Pro 15" (2016)

          Are you and your new MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) inseparable? Need stylish and reliable protection for your new baby? By choosing one of our bags and/or sleeves, you can be sure that your favorite device will always be safe when you are on the go. With our Leather Bag, you can be confident that you are not only transporting your MacBook Pro 15’’ securely, but also with the utmost style. The exterior of this unisex bag is made from the highest-quality cowhide leather, which means it is designed for long life. Inside, the finest silk protects your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) from scratches and abrasions. A timeless, urban look from Berlin. Our Neoprene Sleeve provides extra protection when you transport your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) in a bag, backpack or suitcase. It can also be used on its own. If you’re not sure what to do with your cables and MacBook accessories, our Cable Sleeve is the perfect option. Whether you want a matching color or a striking contrast – our two Sleeves are the perfect match. We do more than just protect your MacBook when you are out and about – you can also rely on our Hardclips to keep your MacBook safe during everyday use. Our elegant, matte black Rubber Clip is available for your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016). And if you want to maintain the original look of your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016), our transparent Clear Clip provides near invisible protection.

          Cables & Adapters
          MacBook Pro 15" (2016)

          Your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) is equipped with four USB-C ports, the newest and fastet USB standard on the market. If your accessories are not quite so up-to-date, you will need one of our USB-C to USB-A adaptors or cables. With our USB-C to USB-A female adaptor and your existing cables, you can easily connect external hard drives, cameras, and any other USB-A devices, to your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016). With the help of one of our USB-C adaptors, you can even connect your smartphone, for example, your iPhone, to your new MacBook. Our USB-C Cable to Micro USB male cable directly connects your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) to older smartphones, many of which have Micro USB ports, meaning you can easily charge your phone and sync your data. We also offer high-quality USB-C to USB-C cables. With the high-speed version, syncing data with your USB-C smartphone is even faster than ever before. Available in titanium and silver, our USB-C cables perfectly color coordinate with your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016). All of our cables offer the highest standards of security and durability. Your MacBook will love them!

          Other accessories
          MacBook Pro 15" (2016)

          Our super slimline Mousepad is the ideal accessory for your MacBook Pro 15’’ (2016) and is available in silver, black or gold to match the look of your MacBook. The Mousepad’s underside has a special silicon coating that delivers a secure, self-adhesive grip to almost every surface. And, unlike glue, this coating never wears off, which means that you will be using your trusty Artwizz Mousepad for a very long time to come.