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          Test reports

          Test reports

          Artwizz products tested

          Screen Protection

          SecondDisplay Safety Glass

          SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:

          Our SecondDisplay achieved the "best scores for scratch resistance and very high scores for optical quality" in connect's Testlab. The glass was subjected to "74,000 strokes over a period of 20 hours." This demonstrates that in everyday use our safety glass will show no signs of fatigue. Overall, there is "hardly any potential for improvement in the SecondDisplay's workmanship and handling." The Android Magazine also praised the high fitting accuracy: "Every protective glass is millimeter fitted to the smartphone."MacLife's editorial team also rated the SecondDisplay with an excellent score of 1.2. "The layers of glass, foil and silicone prevent the display from being damaged even if violently impacted."

          CurvedDisplay Safety Glass

          Top rating to the Artwizz CurvedDisplay:

          This is high praise indeed from SMARTPHONE Magazin: With precision engineered Artwizz safety glass, curved displays are "guaranteed a perfect fit and outstanding protection". Our innovative Technology also means that "touchscreen sensitivity is in no way compromised".


          This is what the specialized press says about our PrivacyDisplay

          Connect: "The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay protective privacy filter glass for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 meets all the requirements of the connect Testlab and achieves a result of 98,3% of the possible total score. Overall, this is a very good protective privacy filter glass."

          Mac Life: "Those who enter sensitive data into their iPhone will attach great importance to the issue of privacy. PrivacyDisplay from Artwizz offers protection against curious glances as it is a safety glass with integrated privacy filter. This prevents it being possible to view the display from the side. The wafer-thin glass can be easily applied and has tailor-made cut-outs for home key, camera and earpiece. "


          The Artwizz ScratchStopper tested:

          In the issue 3/2017 Smartphone Magazin tested and compared protective foils of different manufacturers. Here our Artwizz ScratchStopper achieved the best result with the standardized pencil lead test and was awarded an unusually high hardness grade of 6H for flexible protective foils.

          The connect Testlab attested that the ScratchStopper suffered no damages or signs of fatigue when subject to a stress test for scratch resistance. The testers were also impressed by the visual appearance with its excellent brightness and actually improving the scattering effect when compared with the original display.
          Conclusion: "The Artwizz ScratchStopper fulfils or exceeds all required criteria set by connect Testlab. The foil has demonstrated excellent scratch resistance and very good scores in respect to visual quality."

          Protective Cases

          The specialized press about the Artwizz NoCasse:

          The transparent protective case prevents scratches, absorbs bumps, is extremely easy to handle and yet brings little weight on the scales. Conclusion: A touch of nothing with a good protection factor! Safety for all who like to do without cases.

          Rubber Clip

          The Artwizz Rubber Clip tested:

          A 1.3 in Mac Life Test. Our Rubber Clip did more than impress the testers at Mac Life. It’s “good protection that doesn’t disturb.” And that’s true for more than just its pure functionality. It’s the modern look that stands out, because the “Rubber Clip combines good protection with good product design.”

          The TPU Case wows the trade press:

          Mac Life has confirmed just how impressive the Artwizz TPU Case is by awarding it a test score of 1.1. In its review, the trade magazine's testers said: "The TPU Case features a classic design, high durability and affordability, and it does everything it promises. The matt back panel guarantees iPhone users a secure grip, while the glossy front frame prevents the screen from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces."

          TPU Card Case

          The experts' view:

          Mac Life magazine tested the Artwizz TPU Card Case and describes it is a "soft and robust case with a cleverly integrated card compartment". The testers awarded the Artwizz TPU Card Case an impressive rating of 1.2. "The card compartment on the back not only lends the case its name, it is also extremely practical when you are on the go."

          Silicone Case

          Test results for the Artwizz Silicone Case:

          The trade magazine Mac Life has awarded our Silicone Case a test score of 1.2. "The Silicone Case protects smartphones against scratches, signs of wear and tear and impact damage and, despite its low price, this is a high-quality smartphone case." The magazine's testers highlighted the unique characteristics of the silicone, concluding: "This durable, non-slip case sits comfortably in the hand."

          Camouflage Clip Smartphone

          Rating of the specialized press:

          "Well disguised and well protected. The high-quality case can be attached easily and offers reliable protection against scratches thanks to the resistant surface. Résumé: modern design piece from Berlin: the velvety hard case provides secure protection for your MacBook."



          SmartJacket test results:

          Mac Life, Connect and Android Magazin took a closer look at the SmartJacket®. The results are outstanding. "The high quality combination of front cover and protective clip is robust and long wearing." Everything is "in the exact right spot." The case withstands scratch tests "without visible damages." Promising protection in everyday life against "shocks and light drops", without changing the weight, shape or feel of your iPhone. "The slim design isn't changed."


          The specialized press about our FolioJacket®:

          The FolioJacket® is rated 1.3 by the specialist magazine Mac Life. The connect Testlab for quality and trustworthiness has passed our all-round protection with 94 per cent above average. In addition to the high grip quality and the appealing design, "the magnetic force is very well balanced", which ensures optimal operation and "almost indestructible" protection. From Smartphone magazine the FolioJacket® gets an excellent very good, the round protection offers "perfect protection for case and glass".

          Leather Clip

          „Elegant iPhone lambskin case is the ideal iPhone protection“

          Our Leather Clip received a 1.1 from Mac Life. The testers were impressed by the fine cases degree of protection, material and workmanship. The Leather Clip is slim, minimalist, chic and secure. The handmade case made of soft calf leather with a fine texture is available in brown, red, nude and black.

          Wallet Case

          "Perfect for everyone who wants to save space and protect the iPhone 6/6s or the iPhone 7"

          "It is not just Apple that believes a designer should make optimum use of a product's limited dimensions. That is exactly what Artwizz has done with its Wallet Case. In addition to a shock-resistant iPhone cover, this fold-up case offers five card slots, one with a translucent window, which makes it ideal for tickets and ID cards, as well as a larger compartment for storing sheets of note paper. In addition, the wallet case, which is made of soft cowhide leather, has an outer pocket which extends around the entire case and is the perfect size for unfolded bank notes, meaning you no longer need a wallet. Perfect for everyone who wants to save space and protect the iPhone 6 / 6s or 7 with style."

          SeeJacket® Leather

          Our elegant leather case impresses the trade press

          "Overall, the product looks like haute couture for smartphones", is how the testers at Connect described the handcrafted, finest lambskin SeeJacket Leather. The Artwizz case impressed with its feel, quality and protection, which seems to be "virtually indestructible." Mac Life was also inspired by our leather case and gave it a fantastic score of 1.2. The SeeJacket® Leather "feels pleasantly smooth and velvety soft, and the clip inside helps to protect the smartphone from almost every type of danger." The trade press agrees: Our fine leather cases are crafted to the highest quality and offer smartphones the safest protection possible.

          Rubber Clip

          The Artwizz Rubber Clip MacBook tested:

          The Rubber Clip was given a 1.3 by the trade magazine Mac Life, and the MacBook cover was also convincing in the connect Testlab. Our Artwizz Rubber Clip for MacBook has more than convinced testers in the trade press: "The lightweight clips absorb bumps and protect your computer from scratches, provide louvers and rubber feet on the underside, and make the Apple logo shimmer through the colored shell."

          Clear Clip

          MacLife: A perfect score of 1.0 for the Artwizz Clear Clip

          Our Clear Clip impressed Mac Life’s editors in every respect. The magazine’s review concluded: “The Clear Clip provides secure protection for the MacBook, without hiding its pretty exterior.” Offering all-round protection for current MacBook models, the Clear Clip is “extremely thin, yet shock resistant.” The transparent clip hardly adds any weight to the MacBook at all. The magazine thus issued a clear buy recommendation for the Artwizz Clear Clip.


          Eco BackPack earns rave reviews from the trade press

          Smartphone Magazin and Mac Life have taken a very close look at our Eco BackPack. The result: The quality and workmanship of the 2-in-1 all-rounder are impeccable. Smartphone Magazin raved about the resource-saving production from recycled PET bottles, concluding that the Eco BackPack is not only extremely practical, but also "good for the environment". The trade press unanimously praised the sustainability of our backpack/bag. The Eco BackPack is a "valuable contribution to environmental protection", writes Mac Life. Quality, design and sustainability are impressive across the board, with the Eco BackPack receiving an excellent 1.2 from Mac Life and the top rating "very good" from Smartphone Magazin.

          Leather Bag

          The Artwizz Leather Bag tested:

          "With the Artwizz Leather Bag you will have a first class and fine companion for daily life and work. The business bag of the young Berlin designer with a width of 34.5 centimeters and height of 25.5 centimeters is a perfect fit for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro up to 13" inch. It is also ideal for transporting your iPad."


          Neoprene Sleeve

          Quality, protection and a love of detail: Highest praise from the trade press

          "Extremely robust and scratch-resistant" as well as "above-average resilience" The testers at connect could hardly stop praising our neoprene sleeve. The result? 100 percent! "The design is straightforward and functional" And it's super easy to use. It suits all tastes and is also perfect for the "flat notebooks or convertibles of other brands" in addition to the MacBook, iPad and Surface. Both connect and Mac Life were impressed by the exacting attention to detail. Mac Life sings its highest praise: "Even the zippers have a padded protective edge so that the metal housing of the hardware does not get scratched." Mac Life awarded us a fabulous score of 1.3 for our "superbly padded bag".

          Cable Sleeve

          "Stylish, secure and compact"

          The Mac Life editorial team is impressed with the quality of the Artwizz Cable Sleeve. An extremely elegant appearance in many different color variations. Soft fleece inside that protects technical accessories safely from scratches and bumps. The Cable Sleeve is ideal for transporting power adapters and cables, it is both compact and tidy. The conclusion of the editorial staff: the Cable Sleeve by Artwizz is "perfect for avoiding tangled cables".

          Leather Skin

          Test Results for the Artwizz Leather Skin:

          Our Artwizz Leather Skin certainly impressed the trade magazine, Mac Life, who described it as a "one-of-a-kind", natural-looking bag for technical devices. "The Leather Skin reveals its full beauty when the leather patinas." Our untreated cowhide leather MacBook protective cover performed very well in Mac Life's test, receiving an enthusiastic score of 1.3. The review's conclusion: "Perfect for everyone who is looking for a warmer, softer and more mellow cover for their 12" MacBook.


          PowerPlug USB-C

          Our USB-C chargers wow the trade press:

          Mac Life awarded our PowerPlug USB-C 24W an incredible score of 1.2: "Thanks to the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 24W, you'll only ever need one charger, even when you are on the go." The connect Testlab also had only positive things to say about our USB-C charger, which scored 100% for feel, quality and functionality.

          Mac Life was equally impressed by the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 61W, awarding a fantastic score of 1.3: "The successor to the popular 24W has, as the product's name suggests, more than doubled its performance and now charges the MacBook Pro 13" (models from 2016 onwards) faster than ever before." The USB-C charger received a score of 93.3% from connect, certifying a more than successful product test.

          PowerPlug USB-A

          What the specialist press says about our PowerPlugs:

          Connect Testlab praised our PowerPlug USB-A 18W: "In addition to the obligatory CE symbol, the quality of this charger is underscored by two further quality standards "TÜV Süd's GS (tested safety) quality certification", and the Protection Class 2 symbol. It certainly looks as if a reasonably well looked after charger could deliver decades of service."

          Mac Life's editors awarded our PowerPlug their top rating of 1.0, and wrote: "This is a beautifully formed PowerPlug for iPhones and Tablets."

          The PowerPlug Double also scored a 1.0 and was described as a "practical charging solution for at home, in the office and on the go."
          Our PowerPlug Double satisfied all of the connect Testlab's testing criteria and was awarded a 100% test score.

          PowerPlug USB-A 18W

          The Artwizz PowerPlug USB-A 18W "achieves 100% of the maximum available total points"

          The Quick Charge charging device has fully convinced the connect testers in respect to haptic, quality and functionality. For charging a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was tested that in just "19 minutes" reached the "50% mark". "This demonstrates that the claimed characteristic of up to 70% faster charging could without doubt be achieved". And this with an Artwizz quality promise, because the PowerPlug USB-A 18W operates in a manner that it could "carry out its duty for decades.” Next to the "aluminium frame" this is furthermore supported by the "Kennzeichen Geprüfte Sicherheit (Sign for Tested Safety) of TÜV Süd", a "protective category 2 symbol" as well as an operation "with a power plug on one and a USB socket on the other side that is self-explanatory".

          Our CarPlug Double tested:

          Mac Life has awarded our CarPlug Double an impressive rating of 1.5. The car charging device from Artwizz charges "two devices simultaneously" and impressed testers with its combination of design and functionality. It fits "snug and secure in absolutely every car cigarette lighter".

          Product testers at connect were also massively impressed by our CarPlug Double, which fulfilled all of their testing criteria. The Connect product check certificate highlights the optimal "functionality, ease of use and quality design" of our device -  the perfect match for your car's interior.

          Lightning Cables

          The Artwizz Lightning Cable tested:

          Our Lightning Cable has clearly exceeded the connect Testlab criteria. According to the testers there was in respect to functionality "no difference to be found to that of an original cable". In addition to this the great resilience was highlighted. It has been made in an "exceptional elaborate manner", has a "high-quality casing of connectors" and "every connector has a bend protection" - "the cable passed a tensile test with great force unscathed".

          USB-C Cables

          Artwizz USB-Cables are convincing all around

          The trade press is impressed by the quality of our USB-C cables. Mac Life clearly recommends purchasing Artwizz's high speed USB-C cables and has awarded them its seal of recommendation. Rated with a perfect 1.0, Mac Life has no complaints about our cables. "You can count on the workmanship of the high-speed cable", lauded the magazine.

          connect is also enthusiastic about the quality of our USB-C cables and awarded it 100% for functionality and quality. In connect's Testlab, Artwizz USB-C cables of every speed and length were thoroughly tested. Connect was impressed with the entire range of cables: "All Artwizz USB-C cables received our certificate for a successful product test."

          USB-C to USB-A female Adapter

          Highest rating for the USB-C to USB-A Female Adapter

          The connect Testlab awarded a fantastic 100% for functionality and workmanship to the Artwizz USB-C High-Speed Adapter to USB-A Female. The 15-cm adapter cable thereby secured the maximum possible total points. The connect seal is a guarantee for the quality and durability of our USB-C adapter.



          The specialised press says:

          "It's almost like you are wearing no gloves. With the pair of special gloves, which are extremely elegant processed and are available in many sizes. That solves the smartphone operating problems associated with the cold in the winter - and even works with the new iPhone 7."

          USB-C Dock

          Toprating for the USB-C Dock

          A precious smartphone should be presented in nice shape, according to Android Magazin. It is fascinated by the Artwizz USB-C Dock and awards it with "very good". Our Aluminium Dock garantees USB-C smartphones "a safe stand and looks chic as well.

          SportsBand Flex

          "The perfect sports companion for smartphones up to 5.1 inches"

          "The sweat resistant, seamless sports armband, made of a neoprene polyurethane mix feels soft on your upper arm and attaches securely through the breathing Velcro strap. Therefore, you are not limited in your movement and can dedicate yourself entirely to your training."


          The Artwizz WatchStand tested:

          When it comes to the Artwizz WatchStand, the Mac Life testers concluded: "There's really no more elegant way to charge your Apple Watch", awarding it an incredible score of 1.2! Instead of using a "much more basic charging cable" you should use this Artwizz accessory, because it is "totally Apple-like, made of a block of aluminum". It perfectly complements your Apple Watch, both in terms of design and functionality, enabling the Apple Watch to be connected when "closed or opened", and can easily be set up "in various positions" by "attaching the stable charging cable".