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Screen Protection

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At Artwizz, we want your mobile device’s display to stay just as bright as it was on the very first day and this is exactly what our screen protectors are designed to do. They provide the best protection for your smartphone or tablet. Our safety glass is perfect for protecting your smartphone because only real glass offers effective protection against display breakage. Our SecondDisplay safety glass is designed for devices with flat displays, while our CurvedDisplay safety glass also protects the curved edges of your smartphone. This includes protecting the sensitive curves of your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy from scratches and breakage. As well as providing optimal protection, Artwizz safety glass in no way compromises the operability of your mobile companion. If you want to protect your display from light, everyday damage, our thin screen protection films are the ideal solution. Our ScratchStoppers are also available for flat and curved displays. The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay safety glass and the PrivacyFilm screen protection film not only protect against damage, but also against prying eyes, thereby offering you a higher level of privacy. With the best screen protection films and real glass display protection from Artwizz, you are always guaranteed to be on the safe side.

Protective Cases

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With their haptics and high-quality finishes, you are bound to fall in love with our Artwizz protective cases for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Protection and design to meet your needs: The perfect mobile accessories. We take great pride in the quality of our products. You can feel the quality of our Apple and smartphone accessories from the first moment you hold them in your hands. Our broad range of products offers the perfect case for every purpose. Our backside clips come in a range of materials and are ideal for those who want the lightest possible smartphone protection. Our selection of colors and designs accentuate your individual look and, like our popular NoCase, protect almost invisibly. Our colored and transparent cases provide reliable notebook protection for your MacBook. All-round protective smartphone cases made of high-quality leather ensure your mobile device benefits from timeless elegance and maximum security. We use cowhide, calfskin or lambskin, which means you can always find the right case for your needs. From light to extremely durable all-round protection, or smartphone cases with integrated stands or card holders, you will find exactly the protective cover that suits you in our Artwizz range. Get the best protection for your mobile devices with smartphone, iPhone and tablet accessories from Artwizz.

Rubber Clip MacBookRubber Clip MacBook:Hover

Rubber Clip MacBook

Translucent complete protection

39,99 €
Rubber Clip SmartphoneRubber Clip Smartphone:Hover

Rubber Clip Smartphone

Trend-hued backside clip

19,99 €


The classic all around protection

29,99 €


The invisible smartphone case

from 16,99 €
Camouflage ClipCamouflage Clip:Hover

Camouflage Clip

Despite Camouflage pattern striking clip

from 24,36 €
Leather ClipLeather Clip:Hover

Leather Clip

The stylish leather case

from 9,99 €
TPU CaseTPU Case:Hover

TPU Case

Protective case made of elastic synthetic material

from 14,99 €
Silicone CaseSilicone Case:Hover

Silicone Case

Protective case made of soft silicone

14,99 €
Ampelmann CasesAmpelmann Cases:Hover

Ampelmann Cases

Purely Berlin for your smartphone

16,99 €
Clear ClipClear Clip:Hover

Clear Clip

Transparent all-around protection

19,99 €


Bumper case made of aluminum

9,74 €


Protective case with stand function

from 29,99 €
SeeJacket® LeatherSeeJacket® Leather:Hover

SeeJacket® Leather

Leather case

from 29,99 €
SeeJacket® Leather FlipSeeJacket® Leather Flip:Hover

SeeJacket® Leather Flip

Leather case

from 29,99 €
Wallet CaseWallet Case:Hover

Wallet Case

Leather case with wallet

49,99 €
Universal WalletUniversal Wallet:Hover

Universal Wallet

Leather case with credit card slots for smartphones

5,99 €
SeeJacket® AluSeeJacket® Alu:Hover

SeeJacket® Alu

Aluminum Cover with a protective silicone insert

from 12,99 €


Leather case with space for credit cards

from 19,99 €
Leather Pouch SmartphoneLeather Pouch Smartphone:Hover

Leather Pouch Smartphone

Leather case for your smartphone

from 9,74 €
TPU Card CaseTPU Card Case:Hover

TPU Card Case

Protective case made of TPU with card holder

7,49 €
NoCase DesignNoCase Design:Hover

NoCase Design

Almost invisible, totally eye-catching protective case

19,99 €


Backside protection made of 100% glass

9,99 €


Translucent bumper case

9,99 €


Backside protection made of glass

14,99 €
CurvedGlass Back&FrontCurvedGlass Back&Front:Hover

CurvedGlass Back&Front

Screen and back protection made of curved glass

19,99 €
ScratchStopper BackScratchStopper Back:Hover

ScratchStopper Back

Transparent backside protective foil

3,89 €


Slim clip-on case for reliable protection

14,99 €


Protective case with concealed card slot and integrated stand

14,99 €
Bumper + SecondBackBumper + SecondBack:Hover

Bumper + SecondBack

Set comprising translucent protective bumper case and glass back protection

14,99 €


Polyurethane smartphone pouch in leather look

9,99 €
SmartJacket® ProSmartJacket® Pro:Hover

SmartJacket® Pro

Protective clip with front cover and concealed card compartment

14,99 €
Rubber Clip iPadRubber Clip iPad:Hover

Rubber Clip iPad

Back side clip

14,99 €
NoCase ColorNoCase Color:Hover

NoCase Color

Colorful glossy protective case in elastic, translucent plastic

from 8,49 €
SmartJacket® iPadSmartJacket® iPad:Hover

SmartJacket® iPad

Protective clip with magnetic front cover and stand function

49,99 €
SmartJacket® PreviewSmartJacket® Preview:Hover

SmartJacket® Preview

Protective clip with front cover with operational view panel

9,74 €


Colorful protective case made of elastic TPU

9,99 €
FolioJacket® TabletFolioJacket® Tablet:Hover

FolioJacket® Tablet

Tablet protective case with stand

from 19,99 €
HangOn CaseHangOn Case:Hover

HangOn Case

Smartphone case with lanyard strap

29,99 €
HangOn PouchHangOn Pouch:Hover

HangOn Pouch

Smartphone pouch with cord

24,99 €
HangOn Case SiliconeHangOn Case Silicone:Hover

HangOn Case Silicone

Trend-hued Smartphone case made of silicone with lanyard strap

29,99 €
Basic Black CaseBasic Black Case:Hover

Basic Black Case

Black TPU protective case

11,99 €
Basic Clear CaseBasic Clear Case:Hover

Basic Clear Case

Transparent TPU protective case

11,99 €


All Products

Artwizz accessories also reliably protect your MacBook, Notebook and iPad. Our water-repellent and shock-absorbing Neoprene Sleeve is available in a variety of trendy colors. Inside this notebook bag, a soft fleece lining protects your mobile device from scratches and wear. Cables, chargers and other mobile accessories can be neatly stored in our Cable Sleeve, which perfectly matches the color, design and cut of the large notebook bag. Our Artwizz Leather Bag is the most comfortable way to carry your MacBook. This unisex leather bag features a timeless, minimalist design. You’ll be wowed by our handmade notebook protection: The Leather Skin is made of natural cowhide and is a unique combination of notebook bag and protective clip for the MacBook 12“. Our Eco BackPack is a particularly practical notebook accessory. It combines the comfort of a notebook backpack with the flexibility of a tote bag. The materials and straps of this notebook backpack are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. With our Eco BackPack, you can take your mobile accessories wherever you go with a clear ecological conscience.


All Products

Artwizz also produces durable and robust cables, chargers and adapters for your mobile companion. Does your phone support fast charging via Qualcomm® Quick Charge™? Our chargers can exploit this technology to its full potential. Our Power Plugs are available with or without Quick Charge technology, both with USB-A and USB-C connectors. The PowerPlug Double is the perfect mobile accessory to charge two devices at once. You can also safely charge your smartphone and tablet in the car with our CarPlugs. Our Lightning cables – Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad – are available in different lengths. Artwizz iPhone charging cables are officially licensed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, perfectly matching Apple’s iconic colors. They are the ideal iPhone accessory. Whether for Sony, Samsung or HUAWEI Smartphones: You can rely on our universal micro USB cables. Our range also includes cables and chargers for the trend-setting USB-C connection. This new USB standard can charge smartphones, tablets and even USB-C notebooks, such as the new MacBook Pro 2016 models. To ensure that you can still connect USB-A devices to the new USB-C interfaces, we have USB-C adapters, such as our Micro USB to USB-C adapter. Technical accessories for smartphones, tablets and notebooks are available in best Artwizz quality.


All Products

Our SmartGlove® touchscreen gloves made of soft lambs leather can do more than just keep you warm. The touch function lets you use your smartphone even in the cold and protect your fingers from the elements – the ideal smartphone accessory for winter. We also have more smartphone gadgets for your digital lifestyle. Our SportsBand wristbands allow you to wear your smartphone during sports. Our WatchStand is a unique charging station for all Apple Watch owners. Our Artwizz USB-C Dock is made of recycled aluminum, the docking station charges and synchronizes USB-C smartphones and looks great, too. Our mobile accessories are made to make your digital life easier.

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