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Screen protection

The display is not only the most important part of your smartphone or tablet, it is also one of the most sensitive – vulnerable to wear, tear and damage. You need tailored screen protection to keep up with the demands of your everyday mobile life and to protect your display from scratches, cracks and even breakage. With more than ten years’ experience in developing screen protection products, we know exactly what you need to give your mobile device the best possible protection.

Protective foil or safety glass?

Artwizz Safety Glass is the ultimate glass protection for your smartphone or tablet. Made of toughened glass with an H9 hardness rating, your display is not only protected from scratches, but even from breakage. It feels exactly the same as your mobile devices’s original display, and in no way restricts the functionality of your device.


The best thing about our safety glass is what it does in an emergency. An impact that would normally break your device’s display will just cause the screen protector to crack. A special shatter-proof layer just like the one on a car windshield stops the broken glass from shattering or splintering. This advanced level of protection means that Artwizz Safety Glass truly lives up to its name. Should the worst happen, your device’s display remains totally undamaged.

For ultra-light protection against scratches and everyday damage our protective films are made. Our Artwizz ScratchStopper has a host of features and is available for a comprehensive range of smartphones and tablets. At just 0.14 mm thick our protective foils are virtually invisible and allow you to use your mobile device as you always have. Developed in Japan, a special hard coating makes our classic ScratchStopper particularly robust and scratch-resistant. The protective foil shields the screen of your tablet or smartphone from scratches and other signs of wear and tear.

Tailored screen protection for every smartphone

We develop our screen protection products especially for each smartphone and tablet model, which means we meet the unique requirements of every different display. This is the only way to guarantee the perfect adhesion of your screen protection, and to ensure that your mobile device has the optimum protection. Artwizz SecondDisplay safety glass, for example, securely protects the flat surface of your device’s screen. If your device has a curved displays, this means that only the flat, operable area of your display is covered by the screen protector.

Our innovative CurvedDisplay safety glass has been developed specifically to solve this problem. We have developed a glass screen protector that protects the full surface of your display, including its curved edges. Our CurvedDisplay combines the robust, unbreakable qualities of safety glass with the flexibility of a foil. A growing number of manufacturers are launching smartphones with curved displays. Our CurvedDisplay also protects the unique curves of your smartphone, such as the Galaxy S8, from breaking. And, just like with our SecondDisplay, you don’t have to compromise on the responsiveness or functionality of your device’s touchscreen sensitivity. With the ScratchStopper Complete, we offer ultra-thin protective foils for displays with curved edges. The ScratchStopper Edge has been especially designed for the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the ScratchStopper Frame provides complete protection for the edges of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S7, and includes a perfectly color-coordinated frame.

Tailored screen protection for every smartphone

Beyond protection

Other versions of our safety glass and protective foils have been engineered to perform additional functions. The Artwizz PrivacyDisplay safety glass and the protective PrivacyFilm foil don’t just offer superior physical protection for your smartphone display, they also protect what you are looking at on your display. When viewed from the side, your screen is dark, which prevents prying eyes from viewing whatever sensitive data you are working on. The matte surface of the Artwizz ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint does far more than just protect your display from damage, it is reduces glare and heavily reduces fingerprints.

Long-lasting protection for your smartphone display

Long-lasting protection for your smartphone display

All of our display protection options are designed to leave space at the edge of your mobile device. That’s so that your protective film won’t be moved or dislodged by any of our rear protective clips, which can also be used to protect the sides and rear of your smartphone. So, the protection we provide for your favourite mobile device’s screen is not only superior, it’s also long-lasting.

Simple and clean to apply

Artwizz display protectors don’t leave any annoying residues on your display when you remove them. This means that our display protectors keep your device both clean and, above all, safe. And it couldn’t be easier to apply one of our display protectors. Artwizz’s display protectors are a cinch to apply, and just as easy to remove.

How to apply your Artwizz screen protector

In order to make even more easy for you to attach our screen protectors on your smartphone or tablet, we offer you step-by-step instructions for our different foils and glasses and various devices:

The right screen protection for you

Choosing the best screen protection product depends firstly on the type of protector you want and need. Is the level of protection your main concern, or do you want a product that is practically invisible? Then you need to consider the specific characteristics of your smartphone or tablet. Every smartphone display is different and has different screen protection requirements. Artwizz develops its safety glass and ScratchStopper products specifically for each smartphone model. This means that Artwizz guarantees the best possible protection for your display.

Glass screen protectors



from 19.99 €
SecondDisplayDiscover now
3 0.3 clear Made of hardened glass

Prevents display breakage


29.99 €
PrivacyDisplayDiscover now
3 0.3 privacy Made of hardened glass

Prevents display breakage


from 29.99 €
CurvedDisplayDiscover now
3 0.4 clear Full-faced screen protection made of curved glass

Screen protector film



from 9.99 €
ScratchStopperDiscover now
1 0 0 Our classic protective foil

ScratchStopper Complete

from 9.99 €
ScratchStopper CompleteDiscover now
1 0 0 Particularly for curved displays

ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint

from 9.99 €
ScratchStopper Anti-FingerprintDiscover now
1 0 0 Lipophobic against fingerprints

Avoids sun reflection

ScratchStopper Frame

9.99 €
ScratchStopper FrameDiscover now
1 0 0 Particularly for curved displays

Color-coordinated smartphone frame

ScratchStopper Edge

14.99 €
ScratchStopper EdgeDiscover now
1 0 0 Particularly for displays with curved edges

ScratchStopper Back

from 3.99 €
ScratchStopper BackDiscover now
1 0 0 Extra-strong protective foil

Only covers the operable display area

Artwizz screen protection

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