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          Screen Protection

          The Full HD display of your HUAWEI P10 demand the best protection. And safety glass from Artwizz is the perfect choice for such an important job. Our SecondDisplay hugs your P10 like a second skin, offering reliable protection against scratches, abrasions and even breakage. If it comes to the crunch, and an impact breaks the SecondDisplay screen protector, its adhesive-free application makes it a cinch to remove without leaving any annoying residues on your smartphone or display. You’ll hardly even notice our specially manufactured safety glass, which retains the original feel and functionality of your P10’s display. You can rely on maximum screen protection – and be sure that our SecondDisplay will not affect the haptics of your HUAWEI smartphone.

          Protective Cases

          Would you also like to protect your HUAWEI P10’s body without compromising its original look? Then our NoCase is just the product you are looking for – reliable protection that you’ll hardly even notice. Our NoCase is a super-thin protective case that, thanks to its amazing elastic qualities, is super-easy to apply to your smartphone. The special material we developed for our NoCase means that your P10 will benefit from superior protection that doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk.

          Chargers and Cables

          At Artwizz, you will also find all of the cables, chargers and adaptors you’ll need to charge your USB-C equipped HUAWEI P10. To make the most of your HUAWEI P10’s Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology, you’ll want one of our high-speed chargers. The PowerPlug USB-C 15W Pro, or the more powerful PowerPlug USB-C 24W, which can also be used to charge USB-C notebooks, are the perfect products for doing just this. You’ll also find a range of durable and secure USB-C cables at Artwizz. A USB-C to USB-A male cable makes it easy to connect your P10 to devices with USB-A ports.


          A cutting-edge smartphone like the HUAWEI P10 should be stored somewhere secure and perfectly designed. Our stylish USB-C Dock has been developed especially to provide optimum storage for your P10 and to allow you to charge and sync data without a tangle of annoying cables. We also offer products to help you get through the colder seasons of the year. Our SmartGloves, made of soft lambskin leather, will enable you to use your HUAWEI P10 throughout the winter, with no risk of your fingers getting cold.