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          Screen Protection
          P10 Plus

          Protect your HUAWEI P10 Plus’ extra large 5.5’’ display with a screen protector from Artwizz. Our SecondDisplay safety glass has been precision engineered to fit the HUAWEI P10 Plus and thus protects the display perfectly. With our SecondDisplay, your HUAWEI P10 Plus is protected from scratches and everyday dangers. And that’s not all: Our safety glass also protects against display breakage. If your valuable HUAWEI P10 Plus should fall, then it’s our SecondDisplay that will break, leaving your screen completely unscathed. If this happens, the safety glass can be easily removed from your HUAWEI P10 Plus since it adheres to the device without glue. In addition to its optimal protection, the SecondDisplay also retains the original functionality of your HUAWEI P10 Plus, and ensures that the view on the display remains crystal clear.

          Chargers and Cables
          P10 Plus

          The HUAWEI P10 Plus uses the new USB-C standard. We offer USB-C cables, chargers and adaptors, all of course in the best Artwizz quality. With the USB-C to USB-C male cable, you can sync data with another USB device or charge your HUAWEI P10 Plus via a USB-C notebook or PowerPlug. Our PowerPlug USB-C 15W Pro, available in white and black, ensures super-fast charging for your HUAWEI P10 Plus using Qualcomm® QuickCharge™ technology, so you can quickly recharge its extra large battery. Not all notebooks have a USB-C connector. No problem: With our USB-C to USB-A cable, the P10 Plus can also be conveniently connected to a USB-A port.

          P10 Plus

          At Artwizz we think your HUAWEI P10 Plus should have a storage dock that is also worthy of its elegant design. That's exactly why we developed our USB-C Dock. The sand-blasted aluminum housing harmoniously matches your HUAWEI P10 Plus.The USB-C Dock makes everyday life easier: Just place your smartphone on the dock and it starts charging or syncing. Bothersome cables on the desk are also a thing of the past. The stylish stand not only looks good on your desk, the USB-C Dock offers stylish storage for your HUAWEI P10 Plus wherever you put it. What’s more, our USB-C Dock is not only beautiful, it’s also sustainable because its body is made of 100% recycled aluminum.