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          Screen Protection
          iPhone 8

          Protect what’s important to you! At Artwizz, we believe that screen protectors are one of the most important protection products for your iPhone 8 and, with our safety glass, we offer you the best possible product. Protect your new mobile companion from the start with our iPhone 8 screen protector. Scratches and signs of use on the new iPhone's display are really annoying, and what happens if the display actually breaks? Repairs are expensive, but avoidable! Protect your iPhone 8 display against all dangers with our CurvedDisplay safety glass. This full-surface screen protection reliably covers the entire iPhone 8 front, including the curved edges. In the event of a fall, the iPhone 8 screen protector acts like a bodyguard and, as far as possible, absorbs all potential damage. Even if the glass protector breaks, your original iPhone 8 display remains intact. In addition, reliable protection with our safety glass does not come at the expense of haptics – your user experience remains exactly the same as you are used to with your iPhone 8.

          Protective Cases
          iPhone 8

          The stylish back of your iPhone 8 also wants to be protected. After all, you don't want to scratch the gorgeous new iPhone 8’s polished glass surface. But we also understand if you don't want to use a thick iPhone 8 case. That's why we offer our popular NoCase for the iPhone 8. This sleek iPhone 8 case protects your mobile device almost invisibly, without spoiling Apple's signature design. Our Silicone Case is a timeless and particularly safe back protection made of black silicone. It is extremely robust and easy to wipe clean. Our TPU Card Case provides iPhone protection and storage space for your most important card. You are sure to find the right protection for you in our collection.

          iPhone 8

          High-quality, technical accessories for the iPhone 8, such as the Artwizz PowerPlugs or Artwizz Lightning cables, are perfect for your new iPhone. Our cables are all "Made for iPhone" certified by Apple and deliver optimal compatibility. Our high quality Alu-Edition cables perfectly complement the new iPhone 8. Our PowerPlugs are available in white and black. These provide reliable power for your iPhone 8 and, with the PowerPlug Double, you can even charge two devices at once. Our Artwizz CarPlugs are the ideal solution for charging your new iPhone 8 in your car.

          iPhone 8

          With our SmartGlover®, you can even take advantage of the full features of your new iPhone 8 when the thermometer hits rock bottom. We’ve implemented full touch functionality throughout the interior of these high-quality lamb leather iPhone 8 gloves, enabling you to use your iPhone 8 with any finger and without having to take the gloves off. Our SmartGlover® touch gloves are an incredibly practical accessory, for even the coldest of winters.