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          Screen Protection
          Galaxy S9

          The Artwizz CurvedDisplay Galaxy S9 screen protection offers you the best protection for your new Galaxy smartphone right away. As Samsung shows with the S9, full screen displays on smartphones are all the rage in 2018. The display of the new S-series flagship boasts an almost bezel-less design. This not only makes the display of the latest Galaxy look stunning, it’s also great because Samsung has elegantly integrated a 5.8-inch display into a smartphone that’s barely larger. The edges of the new Samsung flagship are slightly less rounded than its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, making it even more comfortable to use, especially in the corners of the display. Of course, we have adapted our Galaxy S9 accessories to perfectly fit the new Samsung smartphone. The entire S9 display front is fully protected and, because we use tempered glass, the high-quality Galaxy haptics remain unchanged. Our Curved Display also features a frame in original Samsung black, so you will hardly notice our glass protection on your Galaxy S9. Our CurvedDisplay safety glass is compatible with all Artwizz and original Samsung protective cases, so you can keep your mobile device safe and secure.

          Protective Cases
          Galaxy S9

          Your new Samsung Galaxy S9 should be protected right from the start. Artwizz has exactly the right protective cases for every taste – from understated to extravagant. Our transparent NoCase protects the back of your Galaxy S9 smartphone almost invisibly, so you can protect your new Galaxy without compromising the authentic Samsung design. Our velvety coated Rubber Clips give your Galaxy S9 a new burst of color. Whether in refreshing Berry or galactic Space Blue, your Samsung flagship is guaranteed to cut a fine figure in out lightweight, colorful clips. If you want to be even more colourful, our Camouflage Clip Color is just what you’re looking for. Our range also includes Galaxy S9 cases for secure all-round protection. Our SmartJacket protects your smartphone from all sides without adding unnecessary bulk. Our FolioJacket with integrated stand or the SeeJacket Leather made of soft lambskin provide even stronger protection against all the dangers of everyday life. Find the protective case that fits you and your Samsung Galaxy S9.

          Galaxy S9

          The latest Galaxy smartphone also features the trend-setting USB-C standard. Our technical accessories, such as chargers and cables, make sure you are well equipped for this innovation. USB-C cables and adapters with high-quality aluminium connectors supply your Galaxy S9 with reliable power and data. The Artwizz USB-C PowerPlug turns any power outlet into a power source for your smartphone and other mobile devices. Our car chargers for USB-C devices supply your Galaxy S9 with all the power you’ll need, even during long journeys. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and USB-C accessories from Artwizz: the perfect combination for your mobile life.

          Galaxy S9

          You know the problem when the temperature plummets: Either put on warm gloves or operate your smartphone. You no longer have to make that decision thanks to the SmartGlove from Artwizz. Using a conductive material, your Galaxy S9 can be operated with every finger of the glove. These smart gloves also provide reliable protection against the cold. Because your Galaxy S9 needs a suitable place at home, we have developed our USB-C Dock. The shapely stand made of recycled aluminium makes it easy to charge and synchronise your new Galaxy smartphone. Our Galaxy S9 accessories offer great solutions for every problem.