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          Screen Protection
          iPhone Xr

          The iPhone Xr might be the most affordable new Apple product on the market, you still need the best accessories. In order to protect it properly, you need a protector that covers the entire screen, including its rounded borders. With this in mind, we have designed our reliable CurvedDisplay glass screen protector. This iPhone Xr screen protector is made of real glass and protects your screen from unsightly scratches and expensive breakage. Our glass protector puts the sophisticated design of your iPhone Xr in the foreground by keeping any haptic and visual impact to a bare minimum. The CurvedDisplay is therefore the discreet but safe way to protect your iPhone Xr, so that you can be sure it won’t lose any of its shine. The SecondDisplay protective glass for the iPhone Xr display is the cheaper, yet secure iPhone Xr glass. The straight display surface of the iPhone Xr is safely protected, while the rounded edges of the display are spared. No matter how you decide, with us you will always find the right iPhone Xr display protection.

          Protective Cases
          iPhone Xr

          With its aesthetic glass back, the iPhone Xr often draws envious glances. And, it will impress for longer with our specially designed accessories. Our sleeves fit perfectly around your iPhone Xr and complement Apple’s premium design. The Artwizz Bumper proves that effective protection does not necessarily mean covering the entire iPhone. For extreme conditions, we recommend the SlimDefender. This cover absorbs even major impacts thanks to its reinforced material, and is considerably slimmer than comparable cases. If you want to store cards in your iPhone case, you can do so with our SecretCase. While the slot holds two cards of your choice, the ingenious flap can still be used as a stable stand for your iPhone Xr, making this the most enjoyable way to watch videos and view photos. With us you are guaranteed to find the iPhone Xr case that suits you and your everyday mobile life.

          iPhone Xr

          Quick charging with Artwizz iPhone Xr accessories. For efficient charging, we have designed our own Lightning cables with original Apple Lightning plugs. Available in elegant rose gold, silver, gold and titanium aluminium editions or classic white and black, they not only meet our high quality standards, but have also been certified by Apple. With the help of our cables, nothing stands in the way of optimum charging and synchronization. The PowerPlugs, our chargers in black or white, let you make the most of every socket. If you travel a lot, you can quickly charge your iPhone Xr with our CarPlug car charger. The CarPlug Double is ideal when you and your passenger both want to charge your devices simultaneously. Artwizz technical accesories let you realize the full potential of your iPhone Xr.

          iPhone Xr

          Artwizz also offers suitable accessories for the winter months. The release of iPhone Xr means autumn is already in full swing. Our SmartGlove® Touch gloves make sure you can use your iPhone Xr without exposing your hands to the icy wind. The leather gloves with touch function make it easy to use your iPhone Xr in any weather. The high quality leather is more than just elegant: with our practical SmartGlove®, you won’t have to think twice about whether to use your iPhone Xr or not.