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        Neoprene Sleeve

        Neoprene Sleeve

        Made to fall in love with

        You’ve never experienced MacBook, iPad and Surface protection as secure, soft and beautiful as this. Why? Because we put all our love into the Neoprene Sleeve. We love mobile devices and we want protection that fits its design. For work, school, travelling and life. Our goal: To create a case for your mobile companion that you will love to carry with you wherever you go, which stores your device safely, and which has been created with a passion for detail that is obvious from the very first time you touch it!

        Neoprene Sleeve Parallax
        Neoprene Sleeve Icon ProtectionNeoprene Sleeve Icon Faux

        Experience the Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve

        Feel the fine neoprene in your hand. Take a look inside. Just pull back the shiny metal zipper. It’s smooth and easy to use. And then you feel it and see it: the soft, smooth faux fur lining. Where your MacBook or Tablet stays comfortable protected.

        Perfect addition: Cable Sleeve

        Matching our Neoprene Sleeve now there is Cable Sleeve: a bag for cable, adapter and chargers. It brings an end to the days of cable clutter and provides for greater order in your life. Together they form an invincible team: with the same design, same color and same zipper.

        Discover Cable Sleeve
        Artwizz Cable Sleeve
        Flat and stylish like your mobile companion
        Flat and stylish like your mobile companion

        Flat and stylish like your mobile companion

        The Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook, iPad and Surface models is like a perfect garment: it fits perfectly, looks good and feels great. The smooth soft neoprene fits like a made to measure suit or a custom-fit dress around your device. What remains is an unchanged flat design, a comfortable wearing style and all-over/comprehensive protection. And that’s not all! Our iPad and Surface sleeves also boast practical, integrated, interior pockets for your Apple Pencil or other stylus pens.

        Zipper in silver, titanium or gold: Just as elegant as your mobile device

        The modern metal zipper completes the design, operation and protection of the Neoprene Sleeve. With just one simple hand movement you will securely lock up your device. At the same time the high-quality MacBook and iPad metal case won’t be scratched. A padded protective rim around the zipper prevents exactly this. It is available in the colors silver, titanium and gold which also correspond perfectly with the new MacBook and iPad colors.

        Zipper in silver, titanium or gold: Just as elegant as your mobile device
        100% for feel, quality and protection
        “Exceptionally robust and scratch-resistant” as well as “above averagely resilient.” The testers from Connect could barely stop praising our Neoprene Sleeve. The result? 100%! “The design is uncomplicated and convenient.” It speaks to every taste and is compatible with MacBook, iPad and Surface along with other “flat notebooks and convertibles from other brands.” It wasn’t just the protection and design that left an impression on the testers. It was more the attention to detail that won them over: “The seams run parallel to the edges, suggesting the use of high precision tools.”