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Purely Berlin for your smartphone

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    Who hasn’t heard of it? The Berlin cult symbol - Ampelmann!

    With the invention of the East Ampelmännchen in 1961 in Berlin it was Karl Peglau primary objective to provide greater safety for pedestrians. Since 2004 it has been our prime aim to offer greater safety for your smartphone! Today we combine the designed smartphone protection in Berlin with the cult symbol Ampelmann. This doesn´t mean our cases will provide for more safety in road traffic but it will be a valued companion for protecting your smartphone.

    Who hasn’t heard of it? The Berlin cult symbol - Ampelmann!

    Cult figure Ampelmann on timeless k TPU case

    Berlin’s cult Ampelmann now protects your iPhone 7. Okay, it’s our TPU case that actually provides the protection, while the Ampelmann walker on the rear of the classic Artwizz back cover turns it into a real eye-catcher. The iconic traffic light man appears in glowing green to signal “walk” for Berlin’s pedestrians. For this extra special iPhone 7 cover, we have rendered the Ampelmann in textured copper, creating a striking contrast with the black material of the TPU case. We use 100% TPU, which makes our case extremely robust and durable and impossible to break or tear. As our TPU case is slightly elevated at the front, the display of your iPhone 7 because it never comes into direct contact with flat surfaces. The subtle shine of the case also provides an attractive contrast to the matte look of the back, lending the protective case an added degree of elegance. If you love Berlin and Artwizz’s protective cases, then the iconic Ampelmann TPU case is just what you are looking for.

    Our NoCase gets the iconic Ampelmann look

    Our popular NoCase protects your iPhone 7 without adding bulk. Now the NoCase is available with the famous Ampelmann logo on its back. Berlin’s iconic traffic light men are famous all over the world and guarantee that your new ultra-slim NoCase will turn heads wherever you go. Not only does your iPhone 7 benefit from reliable protection against scratches and wear, but you can also carry a little piece of Berlin with you at all times. Our NoCase combines maximum slimness with optimum protection – you’ll almost forget that your iPhone 7 is even fitted with a protective case. In the center of our NoCase, the contours of the instantly recognizable Ampelmann create a visual highlight. A starburst pattern of subtle white lines ensures that the little walking man is firmly center stage. Your device’s original color shines through the transparent NoCase and illuminates the Ampelmann’s silhouette with the characteristic color of your iPhone 7. The Artwizz NoCase and the Ampelmann - two Berlin originals become one.

    Artwizz Rubber Clip as Ampelmann Edition

    Translucent and slim smartphone backside protection with the legendary green Walker or the rare red Stopper. This protective case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy protects against scratches as well as signs of wear and tear. Artwizz Rubber Clip comprises of ultra-hard, rubberized polycarbonate. This provides for an effective scratch-proof protection with slim appearance. It is a visual appearance that doesn’t disturb the original smartphone design and highlights the cult status of the Ampelmann.

    SmartJacket® Ampelmann Edition

    Slim all-round protection exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S4. This Samsung Galaxy Case with city feeling offers comprehensive protection against scratches and abrasion. The SmartJacket comprises of a backside clip with rubber covering and a front cover for protecting your display. On the outside the front cover bears a brushed design and in contrast to this is the light shining Ampelmann as a running figure. The inside is soft and includes the lettering "Designed in Berlin". The cover is slim, handy and can be put back swiftly with just one move. Artwizz SmartJacket is light, modern like Berlin and safe as a bodyguard.



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