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          Leather Bag

          Leather Bag

          Leather Bag

          Leather Bag

          Our best piece for you and your MacBook

          Our leather bag represents effortlessness and urban style. It is flat, functional and versatile. A delicate business bag for men and women. We have developed our leather bag exclusively for you and your MacBook. Of course just in the same many more mobile devices will have sufficient place in our leather bag.

          In the Artwizz Leather Bag you will not only find space for your mobile devices but also for the respective accessories. Whilst your MacBook, laptop or iPad conveniently fit into the large compartment you can put your mouse, cable and charger swiftly in to the closable outside pocket. This way you have everything with you, it is cleverly divided and reliably protected. And the most important thing? Everything is always with you!

          Leather Bag Side

          The Artwizz Leather Bag tested:

          "With the Artwizz Leather Bag you will have a first class and fine companion for daily life and work. The business bag of the young Berlin designer with a width of 34.5 centimeters and height of 25.5 centimeters is a perfect fit for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro up to 13" inch. It is also ideal for transporting your iPad."


          Form follows function

          Slim line as the MacBook

          A lot of functionality in a flat design! This is what we love about modern laptops, smartphones and Tablets. They don’t require much space, are convenient and look stylish. Like our leather bag: it was perfectly tailored to the Macbook, has the same slim line form and a minimalistic design. The slender carry handles and subtle outside pocket complete the look.

          Leather Bag Side View

          For the love of detail

          Those minor details are key

          The Artwizz Leather Bag is a handmade leather bag. You can see this from the details. The precisely set seams and the deliberate chosen patterns. The carry handles integrated into the eyelets provide for more flexibility, comfort and stability. And of course the small fine details like the dark kept metallic elements on the handles and zip as well as the subtle Artwizz logo which with a modern process was lasered on to a metal surface. They give the bag its wholesome character which makes the bag so charming.

          Leather Bag Detail View

          Leather Bag Material View

          The fine material mix

          From outside our leather bag is made of high-quality cowhide leather. It is particularly tear-resistant, robust and durable. The combination of grain and smooth leather give our MacBook bag a distinctive modern look. Inside the leather bag wraps up your MacBook with fine material made of 70% silk. It is especially gentle with your devices. Particularly your unprotected displays - like the iPad - will benefit from this.


          A lightweight packaging

          Artwizz intentionally abstains from usual packaging material and wraps the Leather Bag solely in a lightweight cloth.

          Leather Bag Material View