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          SportsBand Flex

          SportsBand Flex

          SportsBand Flex

          SportsBand Flex

          Elastic sports case for the upper arm, suitable for numerous smartphones

          Designed for athletes

          You want to combine sport and smartphone? Then the SportsBand Flex is the perfect companion. It is the most flexible smartphone Sportsarmband, which you have ever used. With a dual-adjustable Velcro. Fits really every arm - no matter how slim or wide. A sports equipment for each mobile device up to 5.1 "and for any moment. A functional design with different modes of action. During the day as a black smartphone Sportsarmband - matches every sporting outfit. At night clearly recognizable due to the black reflectors which reflect effective upon receipt of light.

          Whether on the bike, while walking, jogging or weight training Your smartphone sits always safe on your arm with this sportsarmband- better protected than in any trouser or jacket pocket, because it does not wobble back and forth. You have your hands free for your personal workout while your smartphone, thanks to the window, remains operable: listening to music, find the best route in every city, quickly navigate to the next destination, check your running apps and measure steps and fitness. With the SportsBand Flex you experience Sport, mobility and design in a new dimension.

          SportsBand Flex

          Flexible, more flexible, SportsBand Flex.

          Our designers have developed a smartphone Armband that can be adjusted individually. No sports Armband with standardized sizes, but a tailor-made accessory for your arm. The flexible two-step Velcro mechanism allows you to precisely adjust the Smartphone sports Armband on your arm. Thanks to the flexible sizing, you can let your friends and family use it as well.

          How do you adjust it?

          Place the window down, open the band, always stick the right side to the Velcro, put your arm in and then pull the left side through the oval eyelet and stick to the outside. Hast Du es einmal eingestellt, brauchst Du es nicht mehr ändern, sondern kannst es beim nächsten Mal einfach umlegen.

          How do you adjust it?

          The secret of the Artwizz SportsBand Flex is in the material and workmanship. Our goal was to create a smartphone sports armband that is usable every day and is easy to use. To this end, we do not sew together many individual parts like others, but stamped upper and lower side and connected via a flexible Velcro to a smartphone pocket with transparent sight and touch screen.

          SportsBand Flex

          The material plays a crucial role with this smartphone armband, because our designers have opted for a breathable, thin neoprene combined with scratch-resistant polyurethane. For this reason, the SportsBand Flex expands to each arm size, keeps rain and snow away from your smartphone and counteracts perspiration and scratches. Should the Artwizz smartphone armband be dirty from the wind and weather, so it can be washed and reused easily at any time.

          "The perfect sports companion for smartphones up to 5.1 inches"

          "The sweat resistant, seamless sports armband, made of a neoprene polyurethane mix feels soft on your upper arm and attaches securely through the breathing Velcro strap. Therefore, you are not limited in your movement and can dedicate yourself entirely to your training."

          How do you adjust it?
          How do you adjust it?

          Experience pure sport. With every smartphone.

          During sport you are constantly challenged. Your movements are fast. The sweat drips down on you and the blood is pulsing through your body. Your smartphone should be firmly at your side and play your workout music - but without disturbing you and falling out. That's why you need the SportsBand Flex. We use the Velcro not only to secure the arm band. We also close the smartphone pocket with the help of the Velcro. This protects better against moisture and dirt than an ordinary slot and doesn't inflate the bracelet unnecessarily like an additional tab on. How do you realize that our sport bracelet is universally suitable for any smartphone? On the cut-outs! You can find two small openings at the bottom of the bag and a way to baste the headphones in the Velcro on the top. No matter where your smartphone has its headphone outputs - our SportsBand Flex offers easy access.

          The SportsBand Flex can be used with the following smartphones. Of course, we can’t list all models here. If your smartphone ist not listed below and you’re not sure, feel free to ask us.
          iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s
          iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s
          iPhone 7 (with AirPods)
          iPhone SE & iPhone 5s
          HTC 10
          One A9
          P10 lite
          Galaxy A3
          Galaxy A3 (2017)
          Galaxy A5
          Galaxy A5 (2016)
          Galaxy J1
          Galaxy J1 (2016)
          Galaxy J3
          Galaxy J5
          Galaxy J5 (2016)
          Galaxy S4
          Galaxy S4 mini
          Galaxy S5
          Galaxy S5 mini
          Galaxy S6
          Galaxy S6 edge
          Galaxy S7
          Galaxy S8
          Galaxy S III
          Galaxy S III mini
          Xperia M4 aqua
          Xperia X Compact
          Xperia™ Z3 Compact
          Xperia Z3+
          Xperia Z5 Compact
          Xperia™ X
          Blade V7 Lite
          SportsBand Flex

          Why the Artwizz SportsBand Flex?

          There are many smartphone armbands. But none is like the SportsBand Flex because Artwizz never relies on standard solutions. We create all of our own products and want to create something individual. An accessory that suits you and that you''ll fall in love with. For this we use our years of experience. As with the SportsBand Flex. It brings more joy during every sport activity - and long lasting with the same smartphone feeling. It works on any arm and adjust to any smartphone up to 5.1 ". It is absolutely flexible.