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          Rubber Clip

          Rubber Clip

          Rubber Clip

          Rubber Clip

          Unforgettable in design, color and feel

          iPhone Small
          spaceriPhone 6 BACKiPhone 6 Front

          Unforgettable in design, color and feel

          The Rubber Clip is more than just your usual plastic clip. It’s exclusive workmanship, sleek design and vibrant color range make it irreplaceable. Your personal color sits softly on your smartphone — just like the comfortable soft-touch coating. 
          A low-key protective clip that makes using your phone more enjoyable. 

          Made to be touched

          Made to be touched

          Discover the Rubber Clip's unique soft-touch coating. Its satiny, smooth surface doesn’t only feel great. It also gives you a better grip on your phone. Touch it to experience the fine, but important difference. And when you do, you won’t want to let the Rubber Clip out of your hands.

          The Artwizz Rubber Clip tested:

          A 1.3 in Mac Life Test. Our Rubber Clip did more than impress the testers at Mac Life. It’s “good protection that doesn’t disturb.” And that’s true for more than just its pure functionality. It’s the modern look that stands out, because the “Rubber Clip combines good protection with good product design.”

          RubberClip Smartphone Flat1
          RubberClip Smartphone Flat2

          Flat design meets great protection

          The Rubber Clip is ultra-slim and super lightweight, while offering secure protection. To deliver this we selected polycarbonate: a crystal-rich material that’s exceptionally hard-wearing and weather resistant thanks to a special finishing process. The result is the Rubber Clip: so slim that it will barely change the size or weight of your smartphone. So massive that your phone is always protective. Secure protection is the slimmest format. Handy and perfect for your life on-the-go.

          RubberClip Smartphone Flat3
          Feel the lightness

          Feel the lightness

          The Rubber Clip is the perfect companion. Secure on-the-go. Modern and urban in design. Light and carefree. A stylish accessories in the right color to complete your look.

          A classic that never gets boring

          Keep the design of your smartphone unchanged with the translucent Rubber Clip. Or get stylish understatement with the full coverage black clip.

          A classic that never gets boring
          SpaceriPhoneS6 Galaxy
          More about protective cases

          More about protective cases

          Protection to fall in love with for mobile devices, that we love. Based on this credo Artwizz develops protective cases for smartphones, Tablets and MacBook. For us it is not only important to meet your quality demands but we strive to also meet your taste. This is why Artwizz offers backside and all-round protections for your mobile device in different designs and strengths. Only the best materials are used for the production of our protective cases, regardless whether that might be modern fabrics or classic leather. In order to help you find the right protective case for you we have put together an overview with individual characteristics of our smartphone cases.