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          ScratchStopper Complete

          ScratchStopper Complete

          ScratchStopper Complete

          ScratchStopper Complete

          Transparent foil for the whole display

          We set ourselves a special challenge when developing our ScratchStopper Complete. We wanted to develop a protective foil, that, on the one hand, is flexible enough to cover all the curves on modern displays, and, on the other hand, guarantees reliable protection and delivers an optimal user experience. The result is impressive: It is so ultra thin and crystal clear, it is practically invisible.


          ScratchStopper Complete: Total coverage for your display

          Many modern smartphones are now equipped with displays that are curved at the edges. While the edge is clearly visible on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, other mobile devices make it more difficult to recognise this feature. The displays of the iPhone 7, HTC 10 and other smartphones do not feature entirely flat screens. In this case, the classic ScratchStopper and Artwizz’s safety glass cover only the flat part of the display and leave the curved edges free. ScratchStopper Complete, on the other hand, covers the entire front of your mobile device and prevents scratches on the entire screen area.

          ScratchStopper CompleteScratchStopper Complete

          Complete protection against scratches and wear

          Artwizz’s ScratchStopper Complete lives up to its name and completely protects the display of your smartphone or tablet. Even the screen’s curved edges are safely protected against wear and scratches. Even if you carry your smartphone loose in your bag with other objects, or if you lay it face down on a table, the display of your favourite device will safely face up to the challenges of your mobile life with the help of this protective foil.

          Clear view and outstanding user experience

          The extremely slim ScratchStopper Complete covers the front of your smartphone so subtly that you will hardly notice you are using a screen protector. Even operating your smartphone with the protective foil in place feels just like the original touch display, all while maintaining unrestricted functionality and clarity. ScratchStopper Complete offers almost invisible screen protection, and preserves the visual and haptic quality of your screen.

          Innovative foil prevents bubbles during application

          Innovative foil prevents bubbles during application

          As is typical for Artwizz screen protectors, ScratchStopper Complete does not use adhesives, so there is no annoying adhesive residue after removal. Thanks to a state-of-the-art silicone coating, the protective foil is applied with static adhesion to the screen of your mobile device. Should little bubbles appear during the application of the screen protection, they will disappear within a short time. The air permeability of the innovative foil material ensures that the air escapes within 48 hours, usually much earlier.

          Why Artwizz

          Screen protection is our passion. This is why it is very important for us to accommodate curved screens as well. We have developed the screen protection foil, ScratchStopper Complete, to be flexible enough to optimally cover curved edges and yet strong enough to reliably protect the display. At the same time, we have placed great emphasis on the quality of the material, in order to ensure a clear view and optimal user experience when using your display.

          Find out more about our screen protection!

          Find out more about our screen protection!

          The display is not only the most important part for the operation of your mobile device but also the most sensitive. In order to prevent scratches, signs of usage and even display breakage we recommend that you opt for a display protection. Artwizz offers you safety glass and protective foils that are perfectly tailored to your smartphone or Tablet. They are easy to apply and adhere without the use of adhesive products. Display protection from Artwizz gives you a clear view of your display and unrestricted use of your mobile device. To help you find the right screen protection for you and your demands, we have put together an overview with individual characteristics of our protective foils and glass protection products.