ScratchStopper Frame
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ScratchStopper Frame

Our full-surface screen protection foil with frame for Apple iPhone 6(s)

  • Covers the entire screen, including the curved edge
  • Screen remains crystal clear
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Ideal protection for your curved screen

The ScratchStopper Frame covers your entire smartphone screen – including the curved edge. It’s the smartphone screen protector’s special frame that covers your screen completely. The white, black or gold frame blends completely in with your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7, making it the perfect match for your display!

Like in a picture frame, your smartphone display is completely covered by the transparent screen protector. The ScratchStopper Frame is fully transparent, so the appearance of your screen and its usability remain unaffected. Looking for great protection that won’t change the look or feel of your smartphone? This screen protection foil is the solution.

Application has never been easier

It´s never been so easy to perfectly apply a screen protector. Why? The screen protector’s frame makes it easy to line it up with the contours of your smartphone. The foil is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material, which adheres particularly well to flat surfaces like your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7 screen.

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Strong protection for increased durability

Our ScratchStopper Frame protects your entire screen. Both the flat surfaces of your screen and its curved edges are protected against everything from scratches and dirt to everyday wear and tear. What’s more, a special hard coating from Japan makes the ScratchStopper Frame exceptionally resilient to scratches, so your smartphone screen stays pristine longer.

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