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Lightning Cables

Charging and data cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod

  • USB data cable to sync and charge
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Lightning Cable – Our charging and data cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Artwizz Lightning Cables are charging and data cables for your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning connection in different designs and lengths. They are particularly durable and all have the official Apple certification “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad”. With our Lightning Cable you can swiftly, easily and securely charge your Apple devices.

Particularly long lifespan

Particularly long lifespan

We have placed great emphasis on offering a long lifespan with our Lightning Cable. This can be seen in the extremely robust design and high-quality finishing. In all our Lightning Cables original Apple connectors have been incorporated. In order to improve the damage resistance of the cable we have used a very solid plastic. This helps avoid cable breaks and malfunctions. In addition to that a robust casing at both cable ends further enhances the sturdy design. The result is a top class Lightning to USB Cable with a long lifespan and high level of safety.

With Artwizz Lightning Cable Alu we have provided a further addition and used high-quality aluminium for the cable casing. This doesn’t only ideally match the design of your iPhone but also makes it extremely robust. All types of our Lightning Cable have passed a strict and rigorous Apple certification procedure and have the “Mfi” sign on the packaging.

Particularly long lifespanParticularly long lifespanParticularly long lifespanParticularly long lifespanParticularly long lifespanParticularly long lifespan

The Artwizz Lightning Cable tested:

Our Lightning Cable has clearly exceeded the connect Testlab criteria. According to the testers there was in respect to functionality "no difference to be found to that of an original cable". In addition to this the great resilience was highlighted. It has been made in an "exceptional elaborate manner", has a "high-quality casing of connectors" and "every connector has a bend protection" - "the cable passed a tensile test with great force unscathed".

Particularly long lifespan
Particularly long lifespan
Particularly long lifespan
Particularly long lifespan

Perfect for you and your mobile daily life

Artwizz offers Lightning to USB Cable in all possible designs and lengths. Just how you like it best and suits you. Should the Lightning Cable perfectly complement the iPhone rosé gold? Or be a good fit with the new MacBook Pro in space grey? No problem: With our Lightning Cable Alu in Rose Gold, Titanium, Silver or Gold you are sure to find the cable that corresponds with your taste. Do you need a shorter Lightning Cable for your desk? Or an excess length for your living room that it is also able to reach the couch? Also no problem: We have the Lightning Cable in all lengths, starting from 25 cm all the way to 3 metres. All tailored to make sure your wishes are met.

Perfect for you and your mobile daily life

Charging and synchronisation cable for Apple devices

Our Artwizz Lightning Cable provides your Apple device with power in conjunction with the help of your MacBook, notebooks or an external charging device like the PowerPlug or CarPlug from Artwizz. This way you can at any time connect the cable to a socket or a cigarette lighter in the car and charge your device. Furthermore, you can use the cable to transfer and synchronise your data from the iPhone, iPad or iPod to your MacBook or notebook. The Artwizz Lightning Cable is the perfect charging and synchronisation cable for your mobile Apple devices with Lightning connection.