30-Pin Cable
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30-Pin Cable

Charging and data transfer cable with Dock Connector to USB-A

  • USB 2.0 data cable for synchronisation and charging
  • ideal for travelling or car journeys
  • cable length: 103 cm
Including 19% VAT and plus shipping costs

30-Pin Cable – Our charging and data cable for iPod, iPhone, iPad with Dock Connector

Our Artwizz 30-Pin Cable is the charging and data cable for older iPhone, iPad and iPod models with Dock-Connector. Whether synchronisation with iTunes or charging with iPod, iPhone, iPad – you can simply connect the USB Cable for iPod & iPhone with a Mac, PC or an external charging device and get started. The USB 2.0 charging and data cable provides for data transfer and simple charging procedures. The Artwizz USB Cable for iPod & iPhone is available in black and a perfect match for darker interior design at home, in the office or car. Alternatively you can pick white as the original from Apple.



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