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          PowerPlug USB-A

          PowerPlug USB-A

          PowerPlug USB-A

          PowerPlug USB-A

          PowerPlug USB-A

          Comfortable charger for everyday life

          With our charging devices with USB-A connector you can charge your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or any other USB device in a wall outlet. These USB-A chargers can be easily connected with many different USB cables and all Artwizz cables. This means that you can charge various devices, no matter whether it is your smartphone, camera or any other device with USB connector - even without notebook, PC or Mac - simply via a socket. Using the Artwizz PowerPlug Double you can even charge two devices at the same time. This way we condition your mobile devices for daily routine, business or vacation.

          PowerPlug USB-A

          PowerPlug allows quick and safe charging

          If you charge your smartphone, iPhone and other mobile devices on a daily basis you should always make sure that the quality is perfect, because a weak charger can be expensive. With the Artwizz PowerPlugs you are on the safe side. Our USB charging devices have the GS sign for „certified quality“ and are TÜV approved. The higher output voltage of the PowerPlug and the PowerPlug Double compared to other charging devices allow a higher speed and is much faster than charging via a computer. The charger is also compatible downwards.

          PowerPlug allows quick and safe charging
          PowerPlug allows quick and safe charging
          PowerPlug USB-A
          Charge one or two devices at the same timeCharge one or two devices at the same time

          Charge one or two devices at the same time

          With the Artwizz PowerPlug offering a USB-A female connection the cables are attached on side to the case. Our Artwizz PowerPlug Double has two USB-A connections at the front of the case. This optimises the place around the outlet enabling to charge two devices at the same time. The charger has an output voltage of 2.4 Ampere. This permits you to easily charge two USB compatible devices like for example a smartphone, Smartwatch or Tablet at the same time.

          Compact USB charger for en route

          The design of the PowerPlugs is timeless and simple. The matte body of the USB charger meets smooth glossy sides and is stylistically accomplished through clear forms. Our USB-A charging devices measure not even 7 cm so that it fits in your pocket and you can always take it with you. In black or white the outlet charger suits any interior décor. Whether next to the nightstand for recharging the Smartwatch and the Smartphone or at work for phones, cameras and other mobile devices.

          What the specialist press says about our PowerPlugs:

          Connect Testlab praised our PowerPlug USB-A 18W: “In addition to the obligatory CE symbol, the quality of this charger is underscored by two further quality standards – TÜV Süd’s GS (tested safety) quality certification, and the Protection Class 2 symbol. It certainly looks as if a reasonably well looked after charger could deliver decades of service.”

          Mac Life’s editors awarded our PowerPlug their top rating of 1.0, and wrote: “This is a beautifully formed PowerPlug for iPhones and Tablets.”

          The PowerPlug Double also scored a 1.0 and was described as a “practical charging solution for at home, in the office and on the go.”
          Our PowerPlug Double satisfied all of the connect Testlab’s testing criteria and was awarded a 100% test score.