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PowerPlug USB-C

Charging device for your smartphone, tablet and notebook with USB-C connection

  • USB-C charging device for cmartphones, tablets or notebooks
  • European plug with integrated surge protector
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At Artwizz, we offer you the perfect accessories for charging your USB-C smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Our range includes the right chargers for every conceivable USB-C device. The advantages of USB-C cables are clear: they can provide more power, they are universal and you no longer have to worry about getting the connector the right way up as you can insert them either way. We are more than ready for the USB standard of the future and can already provide you with high quality USB-C PowerPlugs to charge your mobile devices.

Made for your USB-C device

Our PowerPlug USB-C 15W Pro is the ideal choice for USB-C smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel Phone, HTC 10 or the HUAWEI P10. But you can also use it to charge tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. The USB-C charger also supports super fast charging thanks to Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology. The latest generation of smartphones, such as the HUAWEI P10 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, feature this technology and can be charged up to 70% faster as your USB-C device draws the optimum output voltage at 5, 9, 12 or 15 volts. The PowerPlug USB-C with Cable features a built-in USB-C charging cable, the all-in-one solution for charging your UBS-C smartphone. Because our PowerPlugs support Power Delivery (PD), smartphones and tablets with higher amperage can also be charged faster. Artwizz PowerPlugs are not only powerful, they are also lovingly designed. Our PowerPlugs for smartphones are particularly compact and convenient. Matte sides combine with a glossy front to create a timeless design that complements any interior. The PowerPlug USB-C 15W Pro is available in white or black, the PowerPlug with integrated USB-C cable is available in white.

Made for your USB-C device

Safe and reliable worldwide

Our PowerPlugs can be used worldwide with the appropriate adapter, as they support a voltage of 100V to 240V. Likewise, all Artwizz chargers have an integrated surge protection, which protects your USB-C device from damage caused by power surges.

Our USB-C chargers wow the trade press:

Mac Life awarded our PowerPlug USB-C 24W an incredible score of 1.2: "Thanks to the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 24W, you'll only ever need one charger, even when you are on the go." The connect Testlab also had only positive things to say about our USB-C charger, which scored 100% for feel, quality and functionality.

Mac Life was equally impressed by the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 61W, awarding a fantastic score of 1.3: "The successor to the popular 24W has, as the product's name suggests, more than doubled its performance and now charges the MacBook Pro 13" (models from 2016 onwards) faster than ever before." The USB-C charger received a score of 93.3% from connect, certifying a more than successful product test.

Power for your USB-C Notebook

Power for your USB-C Notebook

We also supply power to USB-C notebooks such as the MacBook 2016 models thanks to a number of suitable USB-C chargers in our assortment. The Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 24W is designed for notebooks with low power consumption, such as the MacBook 12’’. The USB-C power supply has a USB-C and a USB-A output, so you can charge your MacBook and iPhone at the same time. Our PowerPlug USB-C 61W, on the other hand, is designed for high-performance USB-C devices such as the MacBook Pro 13 "(2016) and has a front USB-C port. Our two large PowerPlugs have clear design lines, combining rounded sides with straight edges in brushed aluminum. That’s why the USB-C chargers are perfect for MacBooks and other silver notebooks with USB-C connectors. Even though the two USB-C power cables are mainly designed for notebooks, you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other USB-C devices with them, too.

Why Artwizz

Our USB-C PowerPlugs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and guarantee safe charging of your USB-C devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or notebook, we have the right PowerPlug for you. All of our PowerPlugs can be used worldwide, have integrated surge protection and charge especially fast with technologies such as Power Delivery or Qualcomm® Quick Charge™.