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          Leather Skin

          Leather Skin

          Leather Skin

          Leather Skin

          Fine Leather Case for MacBook 12"

          Handmade in Germany

          The Leather Skin is our favorite piece of German craftsmanship. The exquisite leather is sourced from German cows and its natural finish is retained. First, it is sent to Italy, where it is tanned according to traditional methods, which is how it obtains its unique granite color. Back in Germany, the Artwizz Leather Skin is then carefully handcrafted from this fine cowhide.

          Unique naturalness

          The Leather Skin’s aniline leather is tanned so that its natural structure shines through. This allows each piece of leather to tell its own unique story. Yours is the next chapter in this story, and as you use it, you leave your own personal traces on the natural Leather Skin. We consciously chose the muted granite color to emphasize the naturalness of this leather case, making it a unique accessory for your MacBook 12".

          Made for your MacBook 12"

          We designed the Artwizz Leather Skin especially for the MacBook 12’’. It is as sleek and minimalist as your MacBook. Nothing but pure leather and stitching. Like a second skin, it smoothly covers your mobile device and hardly adds any thickness. The natural aniline leather forms a harmonious symbiosis with your favorite device, creating an visual highlight that is sure to draw admiring glances. Once it’s on, you’ll never want to take it off.

          Test Results for the Artwizz Leather Skin:

          Our Artwizz Leather Skin certainly impressed the trade magazine, Mac Life, who described it as a "one-of-a-kind", natural-looking bag for technical devices. "The Leather Skin reveals its full beauty when the leather patinas." Our untreated cowhide leather MacBook protective cover performed very well in Mac Life's test, receiving an enthusiastic score of 1.3. The review's conclusion: "Perfect for everyone who is looking for a warmer, softer and more mellow cover for their 12" MacBook.

          Leather Skin

          Sleek design with strong protection

          The Artwizz Leather Skin perfectly fits your mobile device and retains the sleek design of your MacBook 12". Although the leather case is thin, it is robust and strong enough to keep scratches and marks off your precious MacBook. The decorative flap holds your MacBook securely inside the leather case so you can carry it with no need for an additional notebook bag.

          A new way to work

          This leather case is designed for your everyday life with the MacBook 12". The Leather Skin is not just another protective and stylish accessory for your mobile device. It also makes working on your MacBook considerably more comfortable. The lower corners of the Leather Skin, which wrap around your MacBook, deliver optimal comfort while typing. They not only prevent dirt and scratches on the inner surface of your mobile device, but also provide a soft space to rest your hands while you work.

          Quality by Artwizz

          The Leather Skin is not simply a leather case for your MacBook. It is our first product with the label “Made in Germany” which makes it our favorite. It represents tradition, quality and naturalness. The leather cover is tanned in Italy according to age-old traditions and is carefully handcrafted in Germany. During production, we place particular emphasis on the fact that the natural aniline leather is treated as little as possible to maintain its natural charm. Every Leather Skin is a true one-of-a-kind, with its own individual patina.