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          The display is not only the most important component for operating your smartphone or tablet, it is also the most sensitive part of your mobile device. Thanks to its outstanding haptic qualities, glass is certainly the ideal material for smartphone displays, but it does have a number of disadvantages: it can get scratched, splinter and break. Edgeless displays, such as those on the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, may be visually appealing, but they aren’t really robust enough to prevent every smartphone owner’s worst nightmare – a display break. We believe you should benefit from both reliable protection and optimal functionality, so we use safety glass for our SecondDisplay and CurvedDisplay screen protectors.

          Only glass can safeguard against screen breakage

          The most reliable way to guard against screen breakage is to use a sophisticated screen protector with your mobile device. Protective foils are good at preventing scratches and signs of wear and tear, but they can’t do much against major impacts. In such cases, only glass screen protectors are strong enough to stop your display from cracking or breaking. But not all glass protectors are equal: Products from different manufacturers might appear similar at first glance, but they often have quite different properties and qualities. These differences go beyond protection. Some protectors can have a negative impact on your device’s original operating feeling, distort the clarity of your display, and not all are easy to apply.

          Only glass can safeguard against screen breakage
          Unrestricted operating comfort

          Reliable protection for your display

          It is the special combination of glass, foil and silicone that makes our safety glass so robust, while also ensuring that you can still enjoy your device’s original operating feel. Only a screen protector that is made of real glass will retain the feel of your smartphone’s original display. Our glass has a hardness grade of 9, which means that it not only provides reliable protection against scratches, but also against screen breakage. Like a car windshield, an inner foil prevents the screen protector from splintering if it is damaged. You won't be injured by any splinters, and your smartphone display won't break.

          Worst case scenario: Screen breakage

          Artwizz safety glass is designed to do one thing: to protect your display. If you drop your smartphone, the screen protector acts as a bodyguard, shielding your smartphone’s display. In the event of a fall, it is the screen protector that breaks, ensuring that your device’s original screen stays intact. After what would otherwise be a disastrous accident, you can easily remove the broken screen protector from your screen, which remains fully-functional, residue-free and intact. This is a major advantage over liquid glass protectors, which can be extremely difficult to remove.



          We love curves

          Our SecondDisplay offers ideal protection for flat smartphone screens. However, many smartphone manufacturers are releasing devices with curved displays, such as the iPhone X, Galaxy S8 or P10 lite. To provide the best protection for devices with curved edges and rounded corners, we developed our unique, safety glass CurvedDisplay to offer full-surface protection. Our CurvedDisplay effectively protects your device’s screen, even its curved edges, and is virtually invisible thanks to its seamless fit.

          Unrestricted operating comfort

          Our safety glass gives you the same operating comfort as you have always enjoyed without a screen protector. You will continue to experience crystal-clear views of your gleaming smartphone screen and unrestricted use your touchscreen’s functionality – whether swiping or using 3D ForceTouch – everything functions as it always has. On top of all this, our safety glass protectors are a cinch to apply.

          Proven protection in everyday life

          You live online and never leave home without your mobile companion? Unfortunately, this means that your smartphone or tablet is exposed to a host of potential dangers. You want to send a quick WhatsApp on an overcrowded subway as you head to work in the morning and drop your beloved smartphone on the train’s hard floor. Your smartphone lies there, face down among the other passengers’ feet, and the seconds stretch out as you worry whether your display is broken or not. With display protection from Artwizz, you are safe, because in the worst case, it is only the screen protector that breaks, while your device’s display escapes completely unscathed – even in the event of a fall.

          Save time and nerves

          Display breakage, also known as spider app, is a common phenomenon with modern mobile devices, especially as many smartphone and tablet users don’t want to use bulky, all-round sleeves. Repairing a display is not only expensive, it is also stressful and time-consuming. Our SecondDisplay or CurvedDisplay will save you money, and spare your nerves, without getting in the way as it protects your smartphone’s display.

          Why Artwizz

          Because we are totally passionate about developing accessories for mobile devices. As with all our products, we’ve packed a whole lot of love into our CurvedDisplay and SecondDisplay.

          As a result, Artwizz safety glass is manufactured to the highest standards, fits perfectly, and retains your display’s original display operating comfort. In addition, our helpful customer service team is ready and waiting to help you in any way they can.



          Screen protection made of 100% glass