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Camouflage Clip

Despite Camouflage pattern striking clip

  • superlight clip with durable protection against scratches and usage
  • soft-touch coating for comfortable touch feeling
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Rating of the specialized press:Rating of the specialized press:

The Artwizz Camouflage Clip is a protective smartphone cover and is available with a specially designed camouflage pattern in four different versions. While the classic version features discreetly graded shades of grey, the three special editions have been created especially for the latest smartphone models to add a splash of expressive colour to your life. Camouflage Clip protects your smartphone and MacBook against scratches and signs of wear and tear. The clip’s sleek design and unique look make this protective cover the perfect smartphone accessory.

Optimum protection with a smooth surface

Scratches and signs of use have no chance with this lightweight and slim sleeve for smartphones and MacBook. The camouflage clip from Artwizz is easy to use: just attach the clip on the sides until it clicks, and immediately your mobile device is securely protected. Thanks to its soft-touch coating, the hard case has a soft-touch surface, which makes you want to touch it. Thus, the protective camouflage sleeve lays particularly smooth in your hand.

Optimum protection with a smooth surface

Inspired by and designed in Berlin

Because our Camouflage Clip is as diverse as Berlin itself, we knew that the classic version in cool shades of gray was never going to be enough. Our popular Camouflage Clip is now available in three new color schemes, especially for the latest generation of smartphones. While our Color version combines yellow and pink tones, our Camouflage Clip Ocean is inspired by the colors of the sea and mixes them with trendy Ultra Violet. The Red version of our camouflage smartphone case is exclusively available for for iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr and Galaxy S9 and captivates through its expressive interplay of finely nuanced shades of red and black accents.

True to the motto “stand out, don’t hide away,” our color clips feature an exciting and wild camouflage design. Our classic variant, on the other hand, impressively accentuates your smartphone with harmonious shades of grey, making the camouflage clip the perfect match for any outfit.

Inspired by and designed in Berlin
Inspired by and designed in Berlin
Inspired by and designed in Berlin

All translucent clips ensure that the original color of your phone or MacBook remain visible through the unique camouflage pattern, allowing your device’s logo and lettering to shine through, and creating an individual look that incorporates the original design of your mobile device. An elaborate printing process enables us to incorporate the camouflage pattern into the entire clip surface, including the side edges – which is what makes our Camouflage Clip so special.

Custom style for your mobile life

The special design of the camouflage clip matches any outfit. Whether urban street style or with an elegant look. With this protective sleeve for your smartphone or MacBook you are totally hip!

Made for your MacBook

Made for your MacBook

Our camouflaged MacBook protective sleeve combines two separate clips: The bottom clip has non-slip rubber feet to give your Apple notebook a suer-secure footing, even on smooth surfaces. Special ventilation slots on the underside of the case help keep the air circulating, protecting your MacBook from overheating. The top clip protects the elegant housing of your state-of-the-art device from scratches, without obscuring the distinctive Apple logo thanks to its translucent design. So your MacBook is both stylishly and reliably protected.

Rating of the specialized press:

The Camouflage Clip for smartphones:
Mac Life: “Distinctive look and excellent protection. (...) The world of iPhone protective case has traditionally been dominated by gray. Well now you can add a welcome splash of color. (...) We’ve always been impressed by Artwizz’s clips, especially their high-quality workmanship and comfort in the hand, which is largely due to their velvety, soft-touch coating.” In a nutshell:A striking, Pop Art pattern lets the Apple logo shine through.”
Smartphone Magazin: “The Camouflage Clip from Artwizz turns every smartphone into an eye-catcher. What’s more, it’s super easy to attach and provides reliable protection against scratches and signs of usage.”

The Camouflage Clip for MacBook:
Mac Life: “Well camouflaged and well protected. This high-quality protective case for your MacBook 12-inch is easy to attach and has a durable surface that protects against scratches." In a nutshell:Modern design piece from Berlin: The velvety soft, hard case offers secure protection for your MacBook.”

Why Artwizz

Whenever we develop a new protective case, it’s because we want to make your mobile everyday life safer, easier and more beautiful. Our Camouflage Clip not only boasts enhanced protective properties, it also offers you an exciting, individual design, and a smooth, grippy feel for your favorite device. Camouflage is normally used to hide, but with our Camouflage Clip your smartphone or MacBook is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with its exciting and striking new look.