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          TPU Card Case

          TPU Card Case

          Protective case made of TPU with card holder


          The Artwizz TPU Card Case is a real all-rounder in a compact and streamline form. Clean design, lightweight construction, robust and non-slip material, reliable protection and an open slot for cards make this the perfect smartphone case card for your life on the go.

          TPU Card Case Animation

          Your life, your card

          Our TPU Card Case has been designed specifically for your fast-paced mobile life.
          Your smartphone, a streamlined, elegantly designed case and your card – everything you need when you are in a hurry!

          Whether it’s a fitness club membership card, travel ticket or business card – with our TPU Card Case, you’ll always have your favorite card at your fingertips. Simply slide your card into the opening on the side of the case and it is ready and waiting for you when you need it most.


          Travel ticket

          You use public transport and always need to have your ticket ready for inspection. With our TPU Card Case, your travel ticket is always close at hand and safely stored away, so you won’t have to go to the extra trouble of getting your wallet or purse on every journey.


          Membership card

          Do you take your smartphone with you when you go to the fitness studio – to listen to music while you work out, organize your calendar and stay in touch with the most important people in your life? Then our TPU Card Case provides you with the perfect place to store your membership card. You’ll no longer need to worry about keeping your card in your sport pants or losing it.

          Student ID
          Student ID

          Student ID

          As a university student, you need your student ID almost everywhere you go – in the library, cafeteria, or on public transport – to prove you are a student. Our TPU Card Case makes sure your ID card goes where you go.

          Your life, your cardYour life, your cardYour life, your card
          TPU Card Case Lifestyle
          TPU Card Case Front

          Protection you can rely on – for your smartphone and card

          Our TPU Card Case is made of elastic TPU, an especially durable material that protects your smartphone from minor damage. Not only does the non-slip TPU ensure that your smartphone doesn’t accidentally slip off smooth surfaces, it also means that it is comfortable and secure in your hand. The case’s slightly elevated front frame also protects your smartphone screen by preventing it from coming into direct contact with whatever flat surface you set it down on.

          Our TPU Card Case provides more than just outstanding protection for your smartphone. It’s precision side compartment is the perfect space to store your card, right behind your smartphone. Your card is held firmly in place, so there’s no risk of it falling out, while a second TPU layer separates your card from your smartphone, eliminating any risk of scratching the back of your smartphone when sliding your card in or out.

          TPU Card Case Back
          TPU Card Case Design

          Form follows function

          The rear of our protective case, complete with its special card compartment, has a a matt black finish and timeless, elegant design that perfectly complements every mobile device. The interior of our TPU Card Case is finely ribbed, which not only sets an attractive optical accent, it also means we’ve been able to make the case even lighter and thinner. We’ve given the front frame a glossy black finish, which creates an extra visual highlight and sets a striking contrast to the case’s minimalistic matt black back. All that’s left is for you to add your own individual crowning touch with your card. After all, that’s what will make your case unmistakably yours and unlike any other.

          The experts' view:

          Mac Life magazine tested the Artwizz TPU Card Case and describes it is a "soft and robust case with a cleverly integrated card compartment". The testers awarded the Artwizz TPU Card Case an impressive rating of 1.2. "The card compartment on the back not only lends the case its name, it is also extremely practical when you are on the go."

          TPU Card Case Lifestyle

          Why Artwizz

          Our TPU Card Case is an elegant and stylish way to reliably protect your smartphone’s rear. The case skilfully combines two elementary functions: First, it protects your smartphone from scratches and signs of wear and tear thanks to its robust material. Second, the protective case’s card compartment adds an extra level of functionality to your mobile life.