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Transparent flexible protective case with polygon motive for Galaxy S8 in Transparent

  • Optimal protection against scratches and signs of use
  • Ultra slim and transparent for an original smartphone look
  • Modern polygon design with subtle silver contours
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We’ve transformed our popular, completely transparent NoCase into a real eye-catcher. For our 2018 Limited Edition range, we’ve adorned our transparent, slimline smartphone case with three different polygon designs in striking silver. We just wouldn’t be Artwizz if we’d stuck to standard illustrations, now would we? Instead, the designs for our NoCase 2018 Limited Edition range have been lovingly created in our Berlin-based creative workshop. Discover your new favorite case among our stylish motifs and add some extra pizzazz to your smartphone.


We love Berlin! So it’s only natural that the design for our B-Bear NoCase is an homage to our home city, and Germany’s inspirational capital, Berlin. We wanted to keep things subtle for our B-Bear NoCase, and have created an understated design that is far more than just an accessory for tourists. The silver polygons embossed on the back of the case form the shape of a bear, the emblem of Berlin, and combine with the cut-in “B” to create an eye-catching motif. Show your love for Berlin in a subtle way with our B-Bear NoCase design, or simply add a touch of chic to your smartphone with a stylish, designer smartphone case.


This transparent smartphone case might not have been house-trained yet, but it’s perfect for dog lovers everywhere. The polygon design that adorns our P-Dog NoCase forms the image of a dog doing its business. In striking lettering, the word “whatever” appears underneath. “Don’t take life too seriously and chill out” is the motto behind this design. The silver polygon dog design is as unique as you are and will transform your smartphone into a cool eye-catcher.


“Rrrrr, I´m a Dinosaur!” The dinosaur on the back of our T-Rex NoCase may have been incredibly dangerous back in the day, but he couldn’t be cuter in our trendy polygon design. The small polygon bird above him certainly doesn’t look too worried about being gobbled up. The silver lined, geometric forms leave more than enough room for your smartphone’s original color scheme to shine through our new designer protective case. A transparent smartphone case with a polygon T-Rex? Not many people have one of those.

Lightweight case, heavyweight design

The protective case remains almost totally unnoticeable on your smartphone. It’s the eye-catching designs that lend your device a new visual accent. The silver motifs are the perfect addition to any smartphone, whatever your device’s original color. On dark or vividly colored smartphones, such as the black or red iPhone, the polygon visuals are striking and bold. On brighter devices, the designs are more subtle and discrete. Even on gold smartphones, the silver lines create a very harmonious impression.

Proven protection

It may be incredibly thin, at just 0.8 mm, but our NoCase still provides robust protection for your mobile device. That’s thanks to its high quality material composition. Our transparent smartphone case made out of elastic plastic might be totally unobtrusive, but they still provide your smartphone with reliable protection from scratches and signs of wear.

Why Artwizz

Our NoCase is far more than just a transparent protective case. The high-grade synthetic material is highly resistant against light-induced discoloration. The special Dot Technology we use on the case’s interior holds your smartphone securely in place, creating suction points between the case and the rear surface of your smartphone. Our Limited Edition NoCase designs thereby provide almost invisible protection for your mobile device. Our proprietary polygon designs are formed of subtle silver contours, enabling you to express your individuality and turning your smartphone into a uniquely eye-catching designer object.



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