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CurvedDisplay Watch

Curved glass screen protection

  • ultra slim, full-surface protection against scratches and display breakage
  • completely covers the smartwatch display, even the curved edges
  • crystal-clear display and original operating comfort
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Test results for the CurvedDisplay Watch:Test results for the CurvedDisplay Watch:

As wristwatches have evolved from simple timekeepers to complex mini-computers, it’s become ever more important to make sure you protect your mini-mobile companions. After all, if your smartwatch’s screen breaks, you can’t simply switch the glass as you would with a conventional watch. If the worst does happen, it’s really expensive to replace the touch-sensitive screen, which not only controls the watch itself but also the smartphone it is connected to.

Screen protection as smart as your watch

The CurvedDisplay Watch takes these worries away. It is made of real glass and protects the touchscreen surface of your smartwatch with a hardness rating of 9H against scratches and breaks. The adhesive frame allows the glass screen protector to adhere securely to the screen of your watch. In addition, the CurvedDisplay Watch is equipped with our innovative DoT technology, which compensates for any irregularities on the watch’s surface and thus ensures responsive touchscreen operation. Thanks to its slim shape, which is tailored to your smartwatch, this glass protection is virtually invisible.

Screen protection as smart as your watchScreen protection as smart as your watch#ani

Strong protection for your mobile life

Unlike a smartphone, wearing your smartwatch on your wrist exposes it to external influences at all times. An unfortunate movement of your arm is enough to cause serious screen damage to your smartwatch if it is not adequately protected. With CurvedDisplay Watch, only the glass protection breaks in an emergency, while your smartwatch screen remains intact. In addition, a special anti-shatter layer ensures that no sharp-edged shards are left on your watch that could cause unsightly scratches. At the same time, you can easily remove it in one piece without leaving any residue on your smartwatch.

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Strong protection for your mobile lifeStrong protection for your mobile life#ani1Strong protection for your mobile life#ani2

Test results for the CurvedDisplay Watch:

The trade magazine Mac Life has awarded an almost perfect score of 1.1 for our CurvedDisplay Watch. Mac Life praised the CurvedDisplay Watch for “extending right up to the outermost curved edge of the digital watch, thereby protecting even the rounded flanks of the most state-of-the-art time pieces.” The “original operating comfort” is in no way compromised. In addition “the protective display glass adheres extremely strongly and can be attached very easily.

Strong protection for your mobile life

Stylish charging: Artwizz WatchStand

With our WatchStand your Apple Watch also looks neat while charging. Through its artful shape made of 100% aluminum the stand holds your watch in a position that lets you have the screen in sight at any time. Its metallic appearance matches the elegant Apple Watch design perfectly.

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Why Artwizz

Since we started Artwizz, we have been dedicated to protecting the screens of all mobile devices. In addition to smartphones and tablets, our CurvedDisplay Watch also offers glass protection for smartwatches for the very first time. Of course, we set the same standards of quality, design and ease of use as you would expect from our smartphone screen protectors. With the CurvedDisplay Watch, we present smartwatch protection to fall in love with!

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