Bumper + SecondBack
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Bumper + SecondBack

Set comprising translucent protective bumper case and glass back protection

  • durable, impact-resistant corner and edge protection
  • safety glass also protects your smartphone’s back from scratches and breakage
  • discreet design, thanks to translucent bumper and clear back
  • non-slip material for optimal hold
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The trade press on our Bumper + SecondBackThe trade press on our Bumper + SecondBack

Durable iPhone protection with discreet design

This protective set consisting of the translucent iPhone Bumper and the clear SecondBack glass back protector gives you the perfect protection for your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr. This specially designed combined protection ensure that your iPhone’s corners, edges, and back are all protected without weighing down your iPhone or detracting from its original design.

iPhone Bumper

The Artwizz Bumper hugs the corners and edges of your iPhone to protect the most sensitive areas of your mobile companion from any conceivable danger. Its special material combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate ensures maximum protection and a secure fit. The flexible TPU on the front of the Bumper wraps around the iPhone perfectly and also makes it easy to attach. In addition, the buttons on the sides are protected from dirt and wear. The soft material guarantees unrestricted familiar ease of use. The polycarbonate on the back of the protective frame is particularly resistant and shock-absorbing. The strong material bond of the iPhone Bumper can also withstand hard shocks and falls without any problems. What’s more, the corners and edges are not the only things protected by the Bumper. Its slightly raised edges protect your device’s screen or glass back from getting scratched when you place it on flat surfaces. Thanks to the Bumper’s non-slip material, your iPhone is especially easy to hold and secure in your hand.

iPhone Bumper#1
iPhone Bumper#2
iPhone Bumper#3

Protective glass for your iPhone’s back

While your iPhone’s corners and edges are safely enclosed by the Bumper, the display and back are not covered by the slightly raised frame. And this is exactly where our SecondBack glass protection comes into play. Crystal clear and just 0.23 mm thick, SecondBack reliably protects the glass back of your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr against breakage, scratches and wear. The protective glass covers the flat area of your iPhone’s back that is not enclosed by the Bumper and retains its characteristic glass look. Of course, you can still wirelessly charge your Apple device. The protective glass adheres to the back of the iPhone without any adhesive. This is ensured by a silicone layer that holds the protective glass statically in place and allows it to be removed without leaving any residue.

The look

The best thing about this protective combination of iPhone Bumper and back glass is that you can enjoy strong protection without compromising your smartphone’s stylish look. The translucent Bumper allows your iPhone’s stunning original colors to shine through, whether you have an elegant iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max or a more playful iPhone Xr. The SecondBack glass protector sits almost invisibly on the back of your iPhone and also retains the alluring glass feel of Apple’s latest models. With our Bumper and back glass protector, you hardly notice any change to your iPhone’s original design.

Protective glass for your iPhone’s back

Do you want complete iPhone protection?

For the maximum iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr protection, we recommend using our display protection glass in addition to the Bumper and SecondBack set. You can choose from our full-surface protective glass – CurvedDisplay – or the more affordable and flat protective glass – SecondDisplay. With either of these accessories, your iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr is protected from all possible dangers without compromising its design or feel.

Discover screen protection glass
Do you want complete iPhone protection?
Protective glass for your iPhone’s back
Correctly fitting Bumper and screen protection glass

Correctly fitting Bumper and screen protection glass

We always recommend that you attach the iPhone screen protection glass first. Then it’s the iPhone Bumper’s turn. Unlike other protective cases, the Artwizz Bumper is a seamless unit and therefore does not require a fiddly locking mechanism. Thanks to the TPU material, you simply slide your iPhone into the protective frame from the front and the Bumper fits snugly around your device.

The trade press on our Bumper + SecondBack

Mac Life: “You won’t find better minimalist protection anywhere else (...). The robust, translucent Artwizz Bumper protects your smartphone’s edges and corners and, thanks to its slightly raised edges, it also protects your device’s screen and back. What’s more, the bumper offers optimum grip thanks to its non-slip material.” In a nutshell: “Minimalist protection that highlights the elegance of Apple’s original design.”

The trade magazine Mac Life rates our SecondBack as a sensible alternative to classic smartphone cases and awards an outstanding score of 1.2. “Artwizz’s backside protection is made of 100% glass and provides optimum protection for the back of the iPhone.” Conclusion: “Amazing ‘invisible’ protection for your most precious of all devices.

Why Artwizz

Because we only manufacture iPhone accessories that we use and love ourselves. We design all of our iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr products in Berlin with a lot of love. Carefully selected, high-quality materials ensure an ideal fit for every Apple device. You’ll notice how good our high-quality cases feel in your hand right from the very first touch. Combining our Bumper with our back protection glass gives you lightweight yet secure all-round protection for your iPhone. So much lightness and so much protection is only possible with our Bumper and back protection glass. Our SecondBack and Bumper form a harmonious symbiosis with your iPhone. At all times, the translucent frame and the back protection glass show off Apple’s original design to full effect.